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8 Signs of Stress – From Tension Headaches to Premature Aging

Stress affects people in different ways, but there are common symptoms of stress that keep appearing. Here are Dr Oz’s eight common symptoms of stress, plus tips on reducing stress and anxiety. He discusses tension headaches, insomnia, skin problems, and more…

“Excess stress can almost age a person overnight,” writes Peter Hanson in The Joy of Stress. If you don’t want to age faster than you already are, learn how to recognize the symptoms of stress – which include obesity, skin problems, and stomach problems.

Muscle spasms, obesity, and tension headaches are some of the symptoms of stress or Nagging Unfinished Tasks. “For example,” writes Dr Oz in You: The Owners’ Manual, “the nagging stress of sitting on a wobbly toilet seat and never fixing it will age you.” If you’re an emotional eater, read 6 Ways to Stop Stress Eating Late at Night.

Dr Oz says that illness springs from events that are a continual source of stress. So, if you have nagging tasks that you leave unfinished, they could be the source of one of these signs of stress…

1. Tension headaches

In The Joy of Stress, Dr Hanson states that tension headaches are a symptom of stress, and may be caused by a failure to gain control of your problems. Relaxation skills – such as massage, meditation, or exercise – may stop a tension headache in its tracks (especially if you catch it early). Remember, excessive sugar and allergies can also trigger tension headaches.

2. Chest pains

This symptom of stress must not be ignored, as it’s a potential warning of a heart attack. Since women commonly suffer cardiovascular disease (much more than previously thought), it’s critical not to ignore numbness, pain, or tingling. Stress relief comes when your doctor diagnoses that you’re not having a heart attack, and from dealing with your problems better.

3. Weight gain and obesity

“Getting fat is simply an avoidance technique to avoid being vulnerable to social hurts,” writes Dr Hanson in The Joy of Stress. “Often it indicates cowardice.” Ouch. Whether that’s true for you or not (and nothing is true for everybody), it isn’t unheardof for weight gain to be a symptom of stress. Instead of eating, find other ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Stomach problems, such as ulcers

Ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation – those can all be symptoms of stress, depending on your body and personality.

5. Insomnia and exhaustion

Not being able to sleep – or waking up frequently throughout the night – is a common symptom of stress. If you have trouble relaxing and are chronically tired, you need to look into some stress relief, such as natural stress reduction techniques that help you get a better night’s sleep.

If stress is affecting your sleep, read The Best Way to Cope With Stress – Flip It Upside Down!

6. Wrinkles and skin problems

Acne and eczema could be symptoms of stress, and may clear up if you find stress relief. According to The Acne Resource Centre, stress causes acne by slowing down the healing process and causing the adrenal glands to produce more hormones.

7. Physical aging

As Dr Hanson says in The Joy of Stress, excess anxiety can age you overnight – especially chronic stress. Making this symptom of stress worse is drinking alcohol, because excessive amounts cause premature aging. “Whenever I see someone who is much older in appearance than in stated years, alcoholism is the first condition that I suspect,” says Dr Hanson. Health tip: drinking may be a way to cope with stress – but not a very healthy one.

8. Psychological symptoms

Irritability, forgetfulness, and trouble concentrating are psychological symptoms of stress that affect everyone around you. You may snap at colleagues and family members, argue more often, and lose your temper quickly.

Another sign of stress is bruxism. Read How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep for help!

If you have any comments on these stress symptoms, please share below…

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3 thoughts on “8 Signs of Stress – From Tension Headaches to Premature Aging”

  1. Thanks for your comment, Sammie. I agree that you have to keep a close eye on these signs of stress, or your physical health will suffer. Your emotional health, too!

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    When I’m stressed, I want to eat and eat and eat. Mindless eating and a fat stomach is the biggest sign of stress for me!