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Stop College Weight Gain – 6 Weight Loss Tips for College Students

You can stop college weight gain and avoid the “freshman 15” (which affects more than freshman college students!). These weight loss tips for college students will increase your exercise motivation and help you enjoy school while staying slim and trim. :-)

You know that old quip that “nothing tastes as good as feeling slim feels”? Well, it’s true – and here’s the first weight loss tip for college students:

“I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.” ~ Marsha Doble.

To be effective, exercise and fitness goals need to be part of your daily life — something you do without even thinking about it. If you need help, try the P90X Extreme Home Fitness with Tony Horton – it’s Amazon’s bestselling health and fitness product.

And, here are six weight loss tips for college students…

Stop College Weight Gain – 6 Weight Loss Tips for College Students

1. Identify the reason for college weight gain. The “freshman 15” happens for a variety of reasons: students are living away from healthy family meals for the first time, they’re finally free to eat fast food whenever they want, they don’t have time to exercise, they’re stressed because of coursework and peer pressure, they’re too busy to eat and prepare healthy foods, they’re drinking and partying too much, and they don’t realize how important diet and exercise is to college success. The first tip for weight loss is to figure out your reason for college weight gain. Then, you can focus on solving that problem.

2. Be realistic about your weight loss and fitness goals. College is a busy time for most students — and that’s part of the reason for college weight gain! Don’t set magnificent (unachievable) fitness goals — be realistic and specific about slimming down. And remember — it can take six weeks before you see physical changes in your body. Plus, it’ll take a month to make your fitness schedule part of your life. If you’re not good with goals, read Help Setting Weight Loss Goals – 6 Tips for Losing 20 Pounds.

3. Pick your study buddies and college pals carefully. Our friends and peers influence what we eat, how much we eat, what activities we do, how much money we spend, and how much weight we gain or lose. Here’s one of the best weight loss tips for college students: surround yourself with people you admire and respect. Don’t go ga-ga over the most popular or most attractive students; instead, find peers you that you’d be proud to take home for Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Use your personality traits to stop college weight gain. Are you an introvert? (take this test for introverted personality traits to find out!) Introverts may not enjoy working out with groups of people, and may lean towards solo running, biking, or swimming. On the other hand, extroverts prefer intense workouts with groups of people, and are prone to exercising fairly often. Scientist Amy Hagan said, “These excitement-craving people love lots of activity, and want to go, go, go.” Extroverts also prefer to listen to music while exercising. If you want to lose weight, work with your personality traits.

5. Don’t exercise forever – exercise better. As I said before, college students are busy busy busy and don’t have time for long sweaty workouts. Luckily, you can get a great workout in just 10 minutes! Instead of an hour-long workout with exercises or reps that isolate one body part at a time, try five or six exercises that target multiple muscles. Pilates is a great way to do compound movements, which burn more fat and create more lean muscle. The 10 Minute Pilates Solutions DVDs are my favorite ways to exercise. Pilates exercises are brilliant because they use your whole body in the workout.

6. Put your workout gear on first thing in the morning. This weight loss tip may not work for college students who feel weird about wearing workout clothes under their school clothes…but it’s a great tip for people who work from home (like me!). As soon as I get up in the morning, I put on my workout gear. Since I can “go to work” in whatever clothes I want, and I’ve found that putting on my workout clothes first thing increases my exercise motivation. If you wear your workout clothes under your school clothes, you’ll find yourself one step closer to losing that “freshman 15” — because you’re already halfway dressed to exercise. 

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What are your tips or questions about college weight gain? I welcome your thoughts below…

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  1. I think you can avoid college weight gain if you stick to your workouts and a healthy diet. It also helps if you’re naturally thin!