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9 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams and Moving Forward in Life

Remember the dreams you had when you were a kid? These tips for moving forward in life and achieving your dreams will revive those dusty old goals.

Steps to Achieving Your Dreams and Moving Forward in LifeTo make your dreams come true, you gotta give something up – whether that’s time, energy, recreation, sleep, or socializing with friends. If you need a unique way to get motivated to achieve your goals, read The Oracle’s Secret: An Inspiring Fable About Achieving Your Dreams. And, here are Lay’s tips for moving forward in life…

Here, keynote speaker and workshop leader Gregory Lay helps you grab your goals and shake ‘em to life… But first, remember: “One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.”  ~ Sidney Howard.

9 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams and Moving Forward in Life

1. Relate your goal to your overall life purpose. To achieve your dreams, start with where you intend to be 20 years from now, and then choose a specific goal that’s on the path toward that meaningful destination.

2. Write your goal in the present tense. When you say, “I will…” it tells the spirit that so far, we aren’t. Write your goal as if it is already in existence: “I am… .” Your logical mind knows it’s fiction, but your spirit listens to the truth in the words and works to make it so.

3. Tell at least three people who’d like to see you achieve your dreams. The first person agrees to “hold your feet to the fire,” reminding you of your intent to move forward in life. The second person is a cheerleader, who is proud of you. And the third person holds your intent at a spirit and soul level, and keeps your goal in their prayers or meditation.

4. Make it a medium-large dream. Your goal should be big enough to make you wonder at your temerity, but not quite so huge that you question your sanity. If you shrug at the ease of the effort, double the goal. If you shrug at the impossibility of achieving your dreams, dial them back to the realm of what you can believe and achieve.

Steps to Achieving Your Dreams and Moving Forward in Life

Steps to Achieving Your Dreams and Moving Forward in Life

5.  Break your dream into three stages. Stage one is one you know you can do in a few weeks – it is the starter and momentum builder. Stage two is a mid-point, a measurement to encourage you to strive to achieve it by a target date. Stage three is the final achievement, and includes the celebration! Throughout all three stages, stay open to “lucky” opportunities.

6. Focus on moving forward in life. For an appropriate period of time, make this goal the extraordinary focus in your life. It doesn’t have to stay #1 on your to-do list for the entire duration, but it has to put in an appearance in the top spot.

7. Savor the benefits of achieving your dreams. Know what you expect to get out of this goal, and list the benefits. It’s good to recognize the benefits other people may derive from you moving forward in life, but the primary motivation comes from within you. Make it worthwhile!

8. Write a press release that announces your dreams come true. Create a press release as it would appear in your favorite national newspaper when you’ve achieved your goal. Tell your success story, how it fits into your life’s purpose, and how you overcame all obstacles by setting immediate, mid-range, and long-term goals. The lead paragraph emphasizes the benefit you (will have) derived. Read your press release at least once a week until it is reality.

9. Allow yourself to be inspired and impressed. You set your goal, you invest your effort, you pick yourself up and move on when you stumble, you care about your results. So honor your results and celebrate yourself – it’s your contribution to the enjoyment being alive! That means the words, “just,” “only,” and “no big deal” are stricken from your vocabulary. Congratulations!

For more tips on achieving your dreams, read Is Quitting Healthy? How to Know When to Give Up on Your Goals.

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