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6 Ways to Save Money on Fitness and Weight Loss Equipment

You don’t have to spend money to lose weight. These tips for saving money on fitness and weight loss equipment will help you avoid spending alot of money on personal trainers, gym memberships, or diet pills!

Before the tips, a quip:

“A good [fat burning] exercise consists in placing both hands against the table edge and pushing back,” said American journalist Robert Quillen.

Similarly, New York City personal trainer and nutritionist Ariane Hundt says, “When it comes to changing the shape of your body, exercise will only take care of about 30% of the change, the rest needs to come from proper nutrition and a positive sense of self.”

If exercise only takes care of 30% of your weight loss goals, then eating smaller amounts of food takes care of at least another 30%. My most effective weight loss tip is the 10 Minute DVD Solutions — I do a different one every day, and love them all.

6 Ways to Save Money on Fitness and Weight Loss Equipment

1. Take a break from the health club. Many gyms, health clubs, or fitness centers cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Plus, many people stop going a few weeks after spending money on their gym memberships. “Gyms count on the likelihood that most members stop going, at least regularly, after a few weeks or months but are still stuck paying monthly dues until the contract runs out,” write the authors of The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Making More Dough and Getting Out of Debt.

If you think the gym is the only way to lose weight, read 8 Reasons Home Workouts Are Better for Weight Loss Than Gyms.

2. Exercise outdoors. A 45 minute run or walk in the fresh air instead of a stuffy gym can burn more fat, improve blood flow, and keep your brain alert. Plus, sunshine increases your serotonin and vitamin D levels, which help keep your weight stable. And turning off the treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stationary bicycles can reduce national energy consumption levels — this money saving tip for losing 20 pounds is also eco-friendly!

5. Swap your exercise equipment with a friend. Dig out your exercise ball or old Wii Fit games and trade them for your friend’s yoga mat or Pilates DVD. Not only does this save money, it’ll motivate you to try new activities, which will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

To save money on exercise, use municipal or community facilities — or work out at home with Pilates DVDs (my favorite way to keep that last 20 pounds off!).

3. Park your car far away. I’m sure you’ve heard this weight loss tip before — because it works. Lose your car keys; your choice of transportation can burn an extra 500 calories a day! Riding the bus or subway gets you walking (and running), biking strengthens your calves and buns, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator exercises your heart and lungs. In comparison, driving burns almost no calories — but it sure costs a lot more money.

4. Exercise with friends. “Before you join a gym, consider organizing a group of friends for daily or weekly walks, runs, hikes, or bike rides instead,” write the authors of The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Making More Dough. “This way you can be social and be fit — and working out with friends will give you added incentive to stick to your exercise regime.” A great way to lose weight and save money is to socialize while you exercise.

6. Stop buying labels! Lululemon and other trendy exercise clothes may look sharp, but why spend money on stuff you’re going to ruin with sweat? (and if you’re not sweating, then you’re not working out hard enough 🙂 ). To spend less money on exercise, work out in preloved clothes. I buy my workout gear at a local thrift store, and I don’t worry about getting sweaty in those clothes.

For more fitness and weight loss tips, read What is More Important When You Want to Lose Weight – Exercise or Diet?

If you have any thoughts on my tips for saving money on weight loss equipment and fitness, please comment below!

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2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Save Money on Fitness and Weight Loss Equipment”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I can’t believe how amazing the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs are! They’re challenging yet fun, and the way they’re broken up into 10 minute segments makes the hour go by really fast.

    And, making a one-time investment of a workout DVD is a money saving tip for effective weight loss……as long as you actually keep doing the workouts 🙂

  2. Hey these tips are very helpful for us in saving money for good health. In comparison, driving burns almost no calories – but it sure costs a lot more.