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Should You Get Another Dog After Your Dog Died?

Here are a few things to consider when you’re deciding if it’s time to adopt another dog.

On Dealing With Guilty Feelings When Your Cat or Dog Dies, a reader left this comment: “I lost my 9 month old boxer puppy today to a seizure, and I’ve been feeling really guilty about it…as much as I feel I could have done something, there’s really nothing I could do about it. My dog died in my arms this morning and I can’t stop thinking about him.

I really want another dog but I’m feeling really guilty about getting another dog as I loved my boxer with all my heart. I feel very guilty about loving another dog that isn’t him. At the same time I want a dog really badly after the wonderful times I’ve had with my boxer. Do you think I should really get another dog?”

There’s no right or wrong answer, but the following tips may help you decide.

If you’re struggling to cope with your dog’s death, you might find The Loss of a Pet helpful. It’s a wonderful resource for healing, mourning, and moving on after a pet dies.

How to Decide if You’re Ready to Adopt Another Dog

my dog diedThis article has been updated:

My Dog Died – Is It Too Soon to Get Another Dog?

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Do you have any thoughts on getting another dog after your dog dies? Please comment below.

If you know someone who lost a dog, read Sympathy Gifts for Dog Lovers After Their Dog Died.

If you’re struggling to cope with pet loss, read Letting Go of an Animal You Love: 75 Ways to Survive Pet Loss.

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2 thoughts on “Should You Get Another Dog After Your Dog Died?”

  1. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for being here! I’m so glad you and your new dog have bonded. I agree with you; getting a new dog really depends on several factors. There is no right or wrong answer.

    I love having a dog, and think I’d adopt another dog fairly soon after Georgie goes. She’s only 3, though, so I hope we have several years ahead of us! I’m actually thinking about getting a second dog, because I want to give an animal a home. My husband is less keen on a second dog, especially since our cat isn’t fond of the dog we have! – so it may not happen.

    Thanks for your comments, Ann, I hope you keep in touch!


  2. Should you get another dog after yours dies? I think it’s an individual thing.. I have heard some people say they need to get another one immediately – probably to ease the pain and the emptiness losing a pet leaves. I know of one person who got a puppy before her old dog even became sick for the same reason. Me? I couldn’t think about it for well over a year. My dog and I were extremely close mates and even telepathised quite often. I now have another beautiful and loveable little dog – he’s nothing like my last dog. Do I miss my dear girl that I loved and had for so many years? Yes, and I always will. I still cry about her after all this time. Sometimes just seeing her photo can start me off.. But I feel very blessed to have this lovely boy, and I treasure him. God bless everyone who’s missing a precious animal friend. Ann xxx