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Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas for Christmas for Him or Her

These romantic holiday gift ideas for Christmas – for him or her – range from chocolate board games to thoughtful gift certificates. If you want to show love to your partner at Christmas, you’ll find a romantic idea here!  All the gifts here will help fan the flames of passion and encourage you to spend quality time together…

Before the tips, a quip:

“In the silence of night I have often wished for just a few words of love from one man,” said actress Judy Garland, “rather than the applause of thousands of people.”

A romantic way to say “I love you” at Christmas is by spending fun, interactive time together. Board games for couples are ideal, such as The Truth, Dare, or Chocolate Game Board for Couples.

And, here are 13 romantic Christmas present ideas…

Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas for Christmas for Him or Her

Victoria‘s Secret or La Senza lingerie or fun, intimate boxer shorts are romantic and special. Make it a green Christmas gift by buying organic lingerie — bamboo is soft and gorgeous.

Seasonal tickets to the opera, ballet, symphony, ballgames or community theatre. Buying tickets for future events is a great way to say “I love you” at Christmas; it shows that you want to spend time with your sweetie and care about his or her interests.

A gift certificate for dance lessons —  with the promise that you’ll go, too — is both healthy and romantic.

A weekend retreat at a nearby bed and breakfast or country inn. Make it an eco-friendly Christmas gift by planning an eco-adventure or eco-tour.

Anything engraved with meaningful words from your heart: wine glasses, a watch, tie clip, a locket. Immortalizing your favorite sentimental moment or funny joke is a loving thing to do. Jewelry and watches don’t have to be expensive — even the less expensive clearance jewelry and watches are gorgeous.

A guitarist, harpist or pianist to play during a romantic catered dinner. Added benefit: this is a relaxing, luxurious way to reduce holiday stress! If you’re looking for gifts for your stressed-out girlfriend or wife, read The Best Christmas Gifts for Women.

A thoughtful gift that your sweetie has long wanted but hasn’t splurged on: a new laptop, iPhone, digital camera, MP3 player, etc. Make it a green Christmas gift, and buy a biodiesel or hybrid vehicle (yikes, we’re really getting extravagant now!).  Ask friends and family members what your partner would think is a romantic Christmas present — do a little sleuthing.

A spa day of pampering. I really enjoyed the manicure, pedicure, and facial that my hubby gave me last year for Christmas – but I liked his homemade coupons even better! “Good for 1 foot and hand massage,” and “Good for one full body massage” were written on pieces of paper.  Boy, those were romantic Christmas gifts.

A luxurious silk, satin or chenille bathrobe with a sensual surprise, such as a book for couples in love, in the pocket. This holiday gift idea is both practical and luxurious — and it’s an easy thoughtful gift ideas for women!

Tickets to a dinner theater, cruise, Cirque de Soleil, etc. Splurge on two tickets for a romantic night out in January or February – when she’s struggling with the post-Christmas blues! A fancy, candle-light evening at a French restaurant with a view will unite the minds and bodies of most lovers, and cheer the saddest of souls.

A spontaneous visit and delivery of a gourmet food basket, flowers, or a bunch of balloons. Anything that surprises your sweetie and shows thought and attention is a great way to say “I love you” at Christmas. Bringing a gourmet gift basket on a weekend getaway is a great gift idea.

A last minute or future vacation together, such as an all inclusive vacation package, is definitely a romantic idea — even if the trip doesn’t happen for months in advance. Give brochures, books, or trinkets that represent the trip.

Something hobby-related. Is she into yoga? Running? Starting new businesses? Reading? Writing? Baking? Money-making? Kids? Give him or her a practical holiday gift that takes her into her hobby a little more.

For more holiday gift tips, read Best Gifts to Say I Love You – Not Flowers or Diamonds.

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8 thoughts on “Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas for Christmas for Him or Her”

  1. Hi Laurie,
    I really your idea about “A last minute or future vacation together, such as an all inclusive vacation package, is definitely a romantic idea”. It is truly a romantic gift for our loved ones. Only you and your partner together all day long, no disturbances like your family members, just the two of you enjoying the day.

  2. i think that when it comes to romantic gifts, you really need to do your research. there’s so much rubbish out there!

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Buying Christmas gifts on a low budget is definitely hard – but it’s still possible.

    Ideas for low cost Christmas gifts:

    – homemade gift certificates to babysit, clean, or cook a delicious meal for a family member

    – dance or fitness classes at a local community center or through th Y (they’re often offered at reasonable prices)

    – books can be inexpensive – and many used bookstores have very cool old books for sale.

    – a gift card for even $10 or $20 at K-Mart, Walmart, etc.

    – most of the romantic Christmas holiday gift ideas for him or her can be inexpensive. A luxurious bathrobe, for example, isn’t expensive at La Senza. And, homemade gift coupons for foot and body massages are free! (except for the paper and pen, I guess).

    – a card with “10 Things I Love About You” is a great Christmas gift for someone you love. I’ve also given cards in which other people have written good things about the person, and signed.

    Those are a few ideas for Christmas on a low budget….anyone else have suggestions? Your ideas matter … so please don’t be shy! Share them 🙂