11 Reasons You Don’t Want to Be a Movie Star

Think it’s fun to be famous? Think again! These reasons you don’t want to be a movie star reveal how fame stops and blocks peace and joy. Being famous isn’t all glamor, glitz, and glee…

Want to Be a Movie StarIf you’re convinced you want to be a movie star, read How to become a celebrity: Building a career in the limelight by Mr Charles Hopkins-Thyme. He provides a step-by-step description on how you can build a career in the limelight – from the very basics to the hidden secrets of show business. It won’t change your life overnight but, according to Mr Charles, it will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

If you’re not sure if you have the personality to be famous, read 30 Famous Introverts – Actors, Actresses, Talk Show Hosts. I shared a list of movie stars who have introverted personality traits – which means they are happier being alone than in a group of people. Introverts get their energy from spending time with one or two other people, not from crowds of adoring fans. That’s what makes introverted movie stars a bit more interesting than extroverted celebrities.

If you want to be a movie star, remember that stars aren’t happier than everyday people. In fact, movie stars may be more likely to struggle with addictions, sadness, and even depression because of their fame and success.

Here’s how fame can affect your mood, relationships, and life (aka the reasons you don’t want to be a movie star)…

11 Reasons You Don’t Want to Be a Movie Star

Famous people are almost four times more likely to commit suicide than the average American, says writer and professor Jib Fowles, author of Star Struck Celebrity Performers and the American Public. There are many difficulties that come with being a celebrity — and those difficulties can make fame hard to swallow, much live happily with.

Movie stars have few secrets

The public struggles of movie stars include heartbreaks and break ups, disappointments, and mistakes. The public struggles of movie stars are available for everyone to see, discuss and mock. We love reading about the gaffes and gossip of the rich and famous — the more embarrassing, the better! Can you imagine your personal life – your divorces, addictions, weaknesses – being available for the world to see? This is one of the main reasons I never want to be a movie star — it’s hard enough to admit my mistakes to my husband, much less the whole world.

Movie stars struggle to keep their sense of self

Like Angelina Jolie said in her quip, famous people may lose touch with who they really are and what they really think and like and want and need. The media and fans have their own ideas about who a movie star is, which makes it difficult for the star to stay grounded in his or her own self. Movies stars may be fully aware that the world perceives them inaccurately, or doesn’t know who they really are. And, sharing their opinions on national TV or even in a private setting makes them vulnerable to a massive public outcry.

If you are convinced you want to be a movie star and you’re not in your 20s or 30s, read How to Choose a Hairstyle for Women Over 40. Your hair can help you up or hold you back 🙂

Stars have tasted success…and know happiness isn’t in fame

11 Reasons You Don’t Want to Be a Movie Star
“11 Reasons You Don’t Want to Be a Movie Star” drawing by mary11dc via DeviantArt

Here’s what Angelina Jolie said about being a movie star: “I’d go from film to film and almost detach from one world and jump in another. I was living as these people and not having a self. I didn’t know who I was. And things just get really dark.”

Another reason you don’t want to be a movie star is the whole experience of reaching the pinnacle of success and realizing it’s not as fulfilling as you think. It’s like getting your first book published, or earning your first degree, or being on tv for the first time…at first it’s exhilarating, but then you eventually wonder, “Is this it? What else is there in life? I’m famous…why aren’t I happy?”

Stars struggle with “imposter syndrome”

Some stars are bewildered by their fame, knowing that they’re not perfect – and not even as wonderful – as their fans think. This “imposter syndrome” occurs when successful people don’t feel they deserve their success. Famous people may also fear being discovered, that the public will find out that they’re not as wonderful as they’ve been made out to be.

7 More Reasons You Don’t Want to be a Movie Star:

  1. Paparazzi and private citizens take unanticipated, unauthorized photos
  2. Movie stars’ are approached, even harassed, by strangers
  3. Stalkers can be threatening and even dangerous
  4. Critics may negatively review their acting, writing, or singing (though this isn’t just reserved for movie stars)
  5. The public may lose interest, and even turn around and “attack” the star they once loved
  6. Movie stars’ relationships and life events – even their garbage – is on public display
  7. Movie stars are pressured to succeed, to perform better and better all the time

The biggest reason I don’t want to be a movie star is the realization that fame and fortune doesn’t bring happiness. I like striving to achieve my goals, earn money from my blogs, affect people’s lives…and if I was famous and rich, I don’t know what I’d strive for.

If you know you don’t want to be famous because you’re the quiet shy type, read Best Jobs for Introverts and Quiet People.

What do you think of these reasons I think you don’t want to be a movie star? Comments welcome below 🙂


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