8 Reasons Home Workouts Are Better for Weight Loss Than Gyms

The key to losing weight with home workout DVDs is to find the right ones! Here are 8 reasons working out at home is better for weight loss than going to the gym, plus several workout DVDs I use and love.

In the Best Yoga DVDs, I highlighted Baron Baptiste’s workout DVDs. I still like his style of yoga – it’s serious yoga, not for beginners – but I’ve found one I like better.

Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga combines creative flow and getting in touch with your body with a serious yoga workout. It’s trippy – Shiva Rea’s is the only yoga DVD I’ve tried that has loose dance segments that encourage you to move your body the way you want.

Another home workout DVD I love is Lara Hudson’s Yoga – 10 Minute Solutions. She’s not as hippy/granola or groovy as Shive Rea, but her DVDs are awesome (she has several).

Okay, my friends, here’s why I think you should stop going to the gym if you want to lose weight…

Why Home Workout DVDs Are Better for Weight Loss Than Gyms

I was hanging out with a group of women on Friday night, and they were complaining about the fitness classes at their gyms. The classes are scheduled during the day or over the dinner hour, making it hard to work out.

This is what I wanted to tell those women: stop going to the gym because working out at home is WAY better for weight loss!

Why? Because…

You get a wider variety of workouts at home

When you do the same exercises on the same machines all the time, your body simply adapts. You get better at those exercises, and burn fewer calories. Your body adjusts itself to the workout, and your results diminish (unless, of course, you keep amping up the treadmill speed or weight on your free weights).

Home workout DVDs are better for weight loss than gyms because they give you a wide variety of workouts. My exercise DVDs include yoga, Pilates, ballet, kick boxing, boot camp, free weights, ball exercises, dance, and Tai chi. Not only does this keep my body fitter and my metabolism burning, it stops me from getting bored.

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred has been the most popular home workout DVD for weight loss on Amazon for years. I haven’t tried it myself – I’m more into the Acacia DVDs (Shiva Rea and Kathy Smith are my favorites).

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Home workouts are far less time consuming

I used to work out at my community recreation center – they have a great gym, but I found that it took longer to go there, get changed, work out (often waiting for machines like the treadmill or elliptical trainer), shower, get changed, and go home than to actually do my workout.

Most of my home workout DVDs are divided up into 10 or 20 minute segments, such as 10 Minute Solution – Kickbox Bootcamp (another of my favorites!). If I have a few minutes to spare, I can pop in a DVD and do a quick 10 minute yoga segment. These quick workout spurts are a far better way to lose weight than dragging my as$ to the gym four times a week.

Working out at home is cheaper than a gym workout

It’s not just the cost of a gym membership – it’s the gas it takes to get to the gym. And the cost of workout clothes.

One of my favorite Pilates DVDs is 10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body – it costs $9 (or half that if you get it used), and I’ve been doing it for three years now.

You can take home workout DVDs on vacation

When we went to Hawaii for two weeks, I took my Pilates DVDs. When we visit our family in other provinces for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, I take my yoga DVDs. When we go to Toronto for an annual conference that my husband attends, I take both Pilates and yoga.

If you want to lose weight, you have to consistently work out – even on vacation, even when you’re celebrating the holiday season (especially when you’re celebrating the holidays – because that’s when we get derailed!).

I lost more weight through home workouts than at the gym

The number one reason I think home exercise DVDs are better is that I lost 20 pounds after I turned 40. I’ve struggled with weight for as long as I can remember – since I was at least nine years old. But I finally have a flat belly (okay, with a slightly rounded tummy, but it’s sexy!).

It’s those home workout DVDs that did it for me…and I believe they can help anyone lose weight. Granted, it takes time to make working out at home a habit. But you’ll get to the point where not doing that 10 minute yoga segment is more painful than doing it – and you’ll find the pounds melting away.

Last 3 Reasons Home Workouts Are Better for Weight Loss

  • Germs and other people’s sweat in the gym is so gross – even if they wipe down the machines
  • No intimidation or self-consciousness when you work out at home
  • Working out at home is better for the environment

The only benefit gyms have over home workouts is the accountability. If you sign up for a fitness class or expensive gym membership, then you may be more likely to work out than if you’re just working out at home.

The key to losing weight through home workouts is to find the DVD that you love doing. It may sound weird, but putting in Lara Hudson’s or Suzanne Bowen’s Pilates DVDs is like coming home to an old friend! I find their voices and instruction comforting and encouraging – which is why I’m motivated to keep working out at home.

Of course, you need to watch what you eat if you want to lose weight. If you’re a nighttime snacker, read 7 Best Ways to Stop Eating at Night – From Blindfolds to Gum.

What do you think – are home workouts better for weight loss than gyms? 

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4 thoughts on “8 Reasons Home Workouts Are Better for Weight Loss Than Gyms

  • Ali

    Hi Laurie,
    Frankly speaking, I love going to gym for workout. But some of your points like “Germs and other people’s sweat”, “better for the environment” and “less time consuming” do make a lot of sense.

  • jan

    I much prefer working out at home – for a year’s membership at a gym, you can buy a great range of DVDs. I will check out the yoga DVDs that you recommend – I love it when you know know the exercises enough to really enjoy the flow of the lesson, it’s great exercise but also very relaxing and energizing.

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Post author

    I don’t have a problem remembering to work out – it’s at the top of my list of priorities! My problem is motivating myself to work out. Even though I love working out at home, I’m still a slacker. I still have to push myself to work out. Weird.

  • Grady Pruitt

    I don’t have the extra money to spare for gym membership, so I do my workouts at home. My biggest problem, though, is remembering to do them 😀

    Thanks for the reminder!