November is Party Month on Quips and Tips – Party Tips, Ideas, & Jobs!

Calling All Party Blogs Articles and Websites

Our Crazy Hat Party invitation for the neighborhood.

Quips and Tips features a different theme every month; November is party tips, party plans, and even party jobs.

‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving parties, Christmas parties, and New Year’s parties.

And, ‘tis the season for cleaning up the messes parties make – both emotional (“I can’t believe I said that to my boss!”) and practical (“How do I get red wine stains out of my wife’s white carpet?”).

I’ll post party-related articles all month long, and I welcome party-related tips and questions. I also welcome guest bloggers who can write tips-based articles – so if you have a party blog, service, or product, please comment below. I’ll send you my guidelines.

A List of November’s Party Articles on Quips and Tips:

Plus one from before, just for fun:

Stay tuned — there’s more to come!

And….have you hosted a party that failed? (fail whale!)

We threw a neighborhood party this last weekend, and I’m sad to say only one neighbor came to our party. Lots of dog walking friends came to our party, and we had a fantastic time. But this was our 3rd annual Neighborhood Party, and it did not live up to our past parties.

So maybe my first blog post will be about throwing a neighborhood party successfully – because our first two neighborhood parties were smokin’ hot! I don’t know what happened this year. It may have been bad timing; the party was on Saturday October 27, which is a busy night for Halloween and costume parties.

Or maybe it was because we didn’t invite people in person, we just put the invitations in the mailboxes (instead of knocking and handing them over in person).

If you’ve thrown or gone to a Fail Whale of a party, tell me about it below – show me I’m not alone.

Do you have any party-related blog posts or stories?

Tell me about your favorite party-related blog posts and articles online, and I’ll be happy to link to them, blog about them, or tweet them. I’m looking for blogs and articles about all types of parties, from Thanksgiving to birthday, New Year’s Eve to Remembrance Day.

And if you know of any party-related blogs or websites, please tell me about them!

Do you have any party-related questions?

Ask me here! If I don’t know the answer, I’ll research it for you.

It’s party time, kids :-)

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