10 Most Expensive Gifts on Amazon – and 10 Affordable Alternatives

This list of the most luxurious, expensive gifts on Amazon will help you figure out what to give a loved one, because they include the alternatives you can afford to buy.

most expensive gift on amazon

Caviar – one of the most expensive gifts on Amazon

You don’t need to give an expensive gift to celebrate a special occasion, but it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? Especially since dreams have a funny way of turning into reality – in ways you don’t expect.

This list of the most expensive gifts includes jewelry (diamond necklaces), gourmet food (caviar), expensive red wine, tools, technology (video conferencing cameras), musical instruments (accordians), and sports memorabilia. Today, the most expensive item is the gorgeous necklace pictured, a 27.35 Carat White Diamond Necklace, for $124,500.

Previously, one of the most expensive gifts on Amazon was a Yankees Babe Ruth Autographed/Hand Signed Authentic Baseball, listed at $46,000 dollars. If you’re looking for a fun, affordable sports gift, check out the Amazon Sports Fan Page. You’ll find a wide array of jerseys, caps, and clothing that represents different sports teams – and I can guarantee that they’re not the most expensive gifts.

10 Most Expensive Gifts – and 10 Affordable Alternatives

While updating 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her – Creative and Thoughtful, I discovered Malossol caviar. Is it the most expensive gift on Amazon? Nope – a diamond necklace that costs more than $100,000 is.

Enjoy a taste of luxury without spending insane amounts of money…

The Most Expensive Diamond Ring – an Extravagant Engagement Gift

Diamonds aren’t the best gift you could give me. I have a diamond engagement ring and I can’t remember how many carats it is – I think it’s almost one carat. It definitely didn’t cost $125,000 — which is what this Fancy Yellow and Pink Diamond Ring costs on Amazon. I don’t know if this is the most expensive diamond ring on Amazon, but it must be close (sometimes prices and items change, just like in a “real” store).

Are you hoping to get engaged over the holidays, or for your sweetie’s birthday? A less expensive gift alternative is a 3/4 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring. Mine is a 3/4 diamond ring, and it looks exactly like the one in the picture.

The Most Expensive Diamond Necklace

This gorgeous Diamond and Ceylon Blue Sapphire White Gold Necklace is 18 carats of diamonds and who knows how much gold. It costs $114,000. There is a set of diamond and emerald earrings that almost match – but not quite because the emerald is a gorgeous blazing green color.

Want to give a loved one a pendant for Christmas or her birthday? An affordable alternative is the Gold and Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant. It’s not as big or splashy as the sapphire and diamond pendant, but it is beautiful – and it’s from your heart, not your wallet!

The beauty of a gift like a diamond pendant is that it’s good for any special occasion, from graduations to anniversaries to birthdays.

The Most Expensive Gift Perfume for Men

Want to spend a few bucks and make your man smell like a king? Check out the Clive Christian Imperial Majesty Perfume. It costs $435,000 – can you believe it? I’ve never smelled a fragrance that cost more than $200, much less four hundred THOUSAND dollars. That’s how much I owe on my house.

Here’s a review on Amazon on this perfume for men:

“This bottle of liquid superiority immerses my senses with pure delight! Originally I purchased this little treasure for myself and immediately bought twenty more for my closest of friends….On a recent flight to my Eastern compound I spilled a bottle in my jet. We had to make an emergency landing due to the overwhelming aroma in Frankfurt, Germany. ” (Methinks this is a joke).

A more affordable, very popular fragrance gift for men is Bvlgari Blv Notte By Bvlgari. It smells delish, and lasts all day long.

The Most Expensive Gift Perfume for Women

Clive Christian makes the same Imperial Majesty perfume for women, which also costs $435,000. It must be the same perfume, though it’s listed under different categories.

Then the price for women’s perfume drops to $10,000, which is what the Penningtons Bath Lavender Eau De Toilette from England costs. There are no perfumes that cost between $10,000 and $435,000. Isnt’ that weird?

The most popular perfume on Amazon is extremely affordable: Love by Sex In The City. However, if you’re thinking about giving perfume as a gift, remember that fragrance can be a difficult gift to give someone, regardless of how expensive it is (or isn’t!). For instance, I don’t like flower fragrances at all, but many women do.  I think you have to know someone really well before you give him or her perfume.

The Most Expensive Tool – Gifts Men Love

I’m adding the “Automotive” category to this list of the most expensive gifts, because men really love getting tools for special occasions.

The Viper Tool Stainless Steel Rollaway Cabinet with double doors on the front side costs $1,000 on Amazon. It’s okay, if you’re into expensive tool cabinets (which I’m not).  Another super expensive gift for men is a Leatherman tool – the k502x Straight Edge. It looks like a switchblade or pocketknife to me, but it costs $100,000. You can’t afford to buy that, but you can afford something simpler!

If your sweetie likes getting tools for Christmas (like mine does – especially tools that open wine bottles or keep bottles of wine fresh), check out the Tools and Home Improvement page on Amazon. It starts with a programmable thermostat – which we have and love.

If you’re looking for a gift for the most important man in your life, read What to Give Your Husband for Christmas – 9 Creative Gift Tips.

Most Expensive Technology Gifts

The LifeSize Focus Video Conferencing camera costs $100,000, and I’m sure it does things your own camera, phone, or iPhone can’t (or refuses to do). It’d be a great gift if your spouse is starting her own business, or wants to take it to the next level.

Or, you could get several affordable gifts, instead of one insanely expensive one.

The Kindle eReader was Amazon’s top bestselling item, until their new Kindle Fire With Wi-Fi came along. At less than $200, it’s definitely not the most expensive gift on Amazon!

The Apple 15.4″ MacBook Pro is the most expensive laptop on Amazon at $3,700, and of course there are several affordable gifts that do the same thing! Well, almost the same thing. I’ve never had a Mac, so I don’t know what I’m missing.

The Apple iPod Touch is a very affordable gift on Amazon, and is a good gift for Christmas or any special occasion.

The Most Expensive Gourmet Food – Caviar

Osetra Classic Caviar – “Malossol” costs almost $1,500 on Amazon, which is a very expensive gift. It doesn’t look yummy, so I didn’t include the picture.

According to CaviarOasis.com, the term “Malossol” comes from the Russian language and literally means ‘little salt’ or ‘lightly salted’.  Alternate spellings for this term are: Malosol and Malossal. Malossol does not refer to a variety of caviar (e.g. Beluga or Sevruga), rather it refers to the actual treatment of the caviar. The caviar has had minimal salt added to it and, therefore, has a more delicate and truer flavour. Malossol caviars are the only ones labelled as ‘fresh’ and must be kept under constant refrigeration.

This caviar typically has smallish medium-size grains with a low salt balance and a that subtle crisp flavor and textures. Varies in color, with a greenish tint to light and dark browns.

A less expensive version of this gift is Black Lumpfish Caviar, which is $32. But remember, you get what you pay for.

If you want to enjoy good caviar, try The Savory Sophisticated Gourmet Food Gift Basket with Caviar — you’ll also get cheese, crackers, truffles, and other yummies to help you get the most of your caviar.

Red Wine – The Most Expensive Food on Amazon

The 2003 Ausone 6 L Imperial is sold through Amazon, so it’s not technically the most expensive wine on Amazon. It costs almost $30,000.

If you have a wine lover on your gift list, read 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Love Wine.

But I think you should be more creative if if you give a gift to someone who loves to cook. Check out the Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer – it’s perfect for adding flavor to salads and stir frys without adding extra fat and calories.

Most Expensive Musical Instrument

If you don’t play an instrument – or have kids who play music – then you may not realize how expensive musical instruments are. But did you know they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The Hohner Morino IV Accordion costs either $14,000, and is definitely a specialty item! Not many people play the accordion – or want to. Unfortunately. I love the way an accordion sounds, but have never wanted to take it up.

The 1950 Fender Broadcaster is a guitar that costs $40,000. A friend of mine who plays guitars AND makes them says that there is a huge difference in playing a regularly priced guitar (a few hundred dollars), versus playing a guitar that costs $5,000 and up. So, a guitar isn’t just one of the most expensive gifts – it’s actually a quality gift that isn’t just about how much you spend.

Still with me, still looking for ideas? Read 10 Fitness Gifts That Encourage Health and Wellness.

What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever given – or received? I think the most expensive thing I’ve given my husband was the Sony iPod Docking Station. Of course, it’s an affordable gift now – but it was super duper expensive when I bought it!


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