How the Law of Attraction Can Help You Get Money

Is money and the law of attraction is a load of baloney? Maybe, but you won’t know if these ways to attract wealth into your life will work unless you try them! Or read them, at least.

Seriously – I think you should try these tips for a month, and see if anything in your life changes.

“The Universal Law of Circulation is all about realizing that what we give out will come back to us,” Maggie McCauley in How to Attract More Money Into Your Life. “Paying attention to how we feel, how we think, our intentions and our attitudes are keys to how this law will work for us or against us. Letting go of resistance and thoughts of lack are also key elements as to how the law operates for us. We want nothing in our way blocking the flow. Because it is a universal law it is always in operation, always flowing, and we choose how we will connect to it.”

Whatever you think about, increases.

If you think you don’t have enough money, time, or resources to achieve your financial goals, you’re right. My husband used to say we don’t have money, we can’t afford this or that, we shouldn’t travel as much because we need to save more money…but the truth is, we have a lot of money. I share a bit of our financial life in Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster – 5 Steps to Your Last House Payment – I explain how we paid off our first mortgage, and are now paying off our 1.1 million dollar house.

Was it money and the law of attraction that helped us pay off our mortgage? Perhaps. I always encouraged my husband to say we DO have enough money, we CAN afford this or that, and we SHOULD travel a lot! We don’t spend a lot of money, but we aren’t scared to make big purchases.

Anyway, here are a few tips for money and the law of attraction…

Ask for what you need – but be prepared to work for it

One of the best tips for attracting money to ask for it. Ask God, ask your family members, friends, colleagues, your Facebook friends, and your neighbors. And, combine asking with action. Don’t just ask for stuff and expect to be given it to you on a silver platter. Or a gold one.

One of my favorite quips: Pray as if everything depends on God, and act as if everything depends on you.

Another thing to remember is that being in debt or applying for a financial loan is one way to ask for what you want and need. Don’t be afraid of debt – but don’t be foolish about it!

If you’d rather make money the old-fashioned way, read 10 Highest Paying Jobs for College Students.

Declutter your financial cupboards

When you declutter, you know exactly what you have. Food doesn’t go bad in the fridge because you forgot it was there or couldn’t see it amongst all the Tupperware and containers. You never have to go out and buy a replacement for something you already have, but can’t find.

If you’re drowning in clutter you may spend money on things you don’t need because you feel unsettled. Decluttering your home decreases debt by reducing the compulsion to spend money. Decluttering helps you attract wealth.

How is this about money and the law of attraction? Because the less crap you have around, the more you can focus on what you really want and need.

Realize that money is within your reach – you can attract wealth!

”If you think something is out of reach for you, it is,” writes Steve Pavlina in Money and the Law of Attraction. “If you think it’s normal or expected, it becomes so. Realize that your comfort zone is totally arbitrary though. To many people on earth, getting adequate nutrition is a luxury. To some people, a million-dollar home would be slumming it. You define your own comfort zone.”

Do you deserve to be wealthy? Can you handle it? If the answer is no, then you need to focus on your own self-worth. What makes you think you don’t deserve money?

Develop a healthy relationship with money

“We can have more money and a greater sense of peacefulness in our lives – in any economy,” says McCauley, who wrote the article about attracting money into your life. “If we are ready to develop a new relationship with money, stop clinging and let go of lack mentality, we can begin to view life from an optimist’s perspective. From that perspective we will be able to find gratitude in everything and have faith in the Divine Order of life. Prosperity can be our reality. And when we stop worrying about not having enough, that is the time when everything will come to us.”

Do you have no money at all? Read How to Survive When You Have No Money.

What do you think about the law of attraction and money? The tips in this article aren’t about sitting and meditating on attracting wealth…they’re more practical than that.


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