How to Find a Washing Machine Repairman

Learn how to find a washing machine repairman and make sure his (or her) work will be good. Here’s my experience getting a Whirlpool washer fixed, to help you protect yourself from a bad repair job. The washer door seal on my Whirlpool washing machine popped out, and my husband was […]

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How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Help You Buy a House

A good real estate agent can give you invaluable tips for buying a house! Here are my tips for finding the right real estate agent to help you buy the right home… “Even if you had millions of dollars to spend on a new house, you’d probably still have to compromise on […]

How to Enjoy Your House Guests

Summer is house guest season if you live in a coastal gem of a city like Vancouver, BC! These tips on how to enjoy your guests when you’d rather book them into in a hotel are from me. An introvert who hates making small talk when she wakes up and loves […]

How to Enjoy House Guests

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5 Front Yard Landscaping Tips That Cost Less Than $200

These tips for front yard landscaping will help you beautify your yard while spending less than $200. Hiring a landscaper isn’t necessary if you’re looking for quick and easy yard beautification – and you don’t mind hauling a bit of soil! “If you want anything done well, do it yourself. This […]

What Is Minimalist Living? 5 Simple Ways to Live Simply

First you ask what minimalist living is. Then, you watch your energy and happiness skyrocket by pursuing simple ways to live simply! It’s as easy as that: define minimalism, then find ways to simplify life. These tips for living simply will help you flow into a more relaxed, happier state of […]

Square Foot Gardening – 5 Tips for Growing Plants in Small Spaces

If you want a garden but don’t have space, you need these tips for square foot gardens. Learn how gardeners of all thumbs grow plants, veggies, and fruits in small spaces and containers. Have you convinced yourself that you don’t have enough space, time, or agricultural know-how to grow your […]

How to Declutter Your Home and Be Clutter Free

The first tip for learning how to declutter your home is to focus on why you want to be clutter free! Once you realize that clutter decreases energy, saps creativity, and creates chaos, then you’re more likely to declutter your home on an ongoing basis. These tips for decluttering your home […]