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A Complete Guide to Bed Bugs: Signs, Traps, and Remedies

Here’s how to know if you have bed bugs, two different ways to kill bed bugs (a homemade bed bug trap and a natural organic spray), and an easy treatment for itchy bed bug bites. The most common sign of bed bugs is bites on your body, which cause itchy welts and often appear in a […]

Remedy for Bug Bites Signs of Bed Bugs

Save Money on Home Heating – 7 Ways to Lower Your Winter Heat Costs

It’s easy to save money on home heating costs with these tips for lowering your winter heat bills! Here, financial expert Ethan Ewing of describes how to achieve your financial goals…and maybe even save enough money for a tropical beach vacation! Before his tips, a money tip from a financial expert: “Every family should have an emergency savings account that covers at […]

10 Natural Allergy Treatments for Dust, Mold, and Pollen

These natural allergy treatments range from flushes to supplements, and help relieve the symptoms of spring dust, mold, or pollen. These allergy tips are from Dr. Holly Lucille, a naturopathic physician. If you’re looking for a natural supplement to stop spring allergies, try Source Naturals Allercetin Allergy & Sinus, Homeopathic Tablets. “I used to wake up at 4 […]

natural allergy treatments

Ways to Make Your Home Green

8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green

A green home can help you stay healthy! These easy ways to make your home eco-friendly are from Debbie Wiener, interior designer and author of Slob Proof! Real-Life Design Solutions. Her green tips can have a direct affect on your mood and disposition: “If you suffer from seasonal mood disorders including stress, anxiety or depression, bring full spectrum light […]

Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter

These tips for getting rid of clutter will help you achieve your goals, because clutter drains your energy and creates chaos, which leads to stress…and being stressed is NO way to achieve your goals. Pat Heydlauff is an “energy design” and Feng Shui expert who specializes in lowering stress by eliminating chaos and clutter. Here, she describes how to […]

13 Tips for a Green Halloween

These tips for a green Halloween will reduce the plastic disposable junk that surfaces every October 31!  A green Halloween won’t have you buying all the expensive, unhealthy, and clutter-creating stuff, opt for a eco-friendly All Hallow’s Eve. You’ll save money and feel better about how you’re living on our planet with these green Halloween party, costume, and trick or treat snack […]

Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home – Help From an Interior Designer

What are the best paint colors for your home? These tips are from Debbie Wiener, interior designer and author of the incredibly practical, informative Slob Proof! Real Life Design Solutions. Here, she describes the best ways to choose paint colors for your living room, bedroom, and kitchen.  Before the tips, a quip:  “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And […]

14 Tips for Saving Money on Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Saving money on organic fruit and vegetables is easier with these 14 tips for saving money…trust me, you don’t have to pay extra for natural food! “To qualify for organic certification, farms have to be pesticide-free for three years and must avoid synthetic inputs such as pesticides and antibiotics, as well as the deliberate use of GMOs, […]