10 Halloween Costumes for Men – Bob Marley, Mad Hatter, The Joker

These easy men’s homemade Halloween costumes include Bob Marley, Mad Hatter, the Joker, and Hairy Potter (not Harry Potter the book character, but you will find him in my “Halloween Costumes for Book Lovers” blog post, linked below).

Bob Marley Halloween Costume for Men
“Bob Marley” Halloween Costume for Men

You don’t have to go to Jamaica if you want to dress up as Bob Marley for Halloween (though Jamaica would be a great October vacation!). This photo is of my husband Bruce, “dressed up” as Bob Marley when we went to Montego Bay. How’s that for a men’s homemade Halloween costume idea? It was a huge sand-on-wood wall hanging – too heavy for a costume, but great for a picture. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the mask in the photo is actually made out of Jamaican sand and wood.

To make a Bob Marley Halloween costume, you need:

Those links will take you right to Amazon, so you can start creating your Bob Marley Halloween costume right away. You might also go to a thrift store such as Value Village; there are dozens or even hundreds of easy men’s Halloween costumes and accessories there. Creating your costume at a thrift store used to be time-consuming, but now places like Value Village have costumes for men and women who don’t have time to make their own.

A men’s homemade Halloween costume doesn’t have to be complicated to be creative! These ideas are easy – especially if you have time to order or buy the accessories. But even if you’re time-crunched, check out my article What Your Halloween Costume Says About You. It’s a great conversation starter at office or school parties, or when you’re waiting with other parents on the sidewalk for the kids to finish trick-or-treating.

Halloween Costumes for Men – From Bob Marley to Mad Hatter

If you’re going to a Halloween party with your partner, read my Halloween Costumes for Couples blog post.

Check these ideas out first, though! I included a variety of creative costumes that are easy to make at home, plus a few links to costumes on Amazon. Sometimes shopping online is quicker and easier. Since time is money, buying a costume might be cheaper and less hassle in the long run. Even the Bob Marley men’s Halloween costume requires some shopping – unless you already have dreadlocks and Rasta accessories at home.

Classic Mad Hatter Costume (Alice in Wonderland)

Classic Mad Hatter Mens Halloween Costume
Classic Mad Hatter Mens Halloween Costume

Remember Alice in Wonderland? The Classic Mad Hatter Costume isn’t an easy homemade Halloween costume for men – but it’s great for guys who want to go rogue on October 31!  

“Anyone can go by horse or rail, but the absolute best way to travel is by hat,” said the The Mad Hatter to Alice.

This Mad Hatter costume includes a jacket, bow, pants, hat/hair, and shirt front. This costume comes with a fitted jacket with ribbon trim, a green checked vest, striped bow tie, gloves and insanely incredible hat featuring peach satin ribbon and attached hair.

Dark Mad Hatter – a Halloween Costume for Men

10 Halloween Costumes for Men Bob Marley, Mad Hatter, The Joker
Mad Hatter Mens Halloween Costume

The Dark Mad Hatter Halloween Costume isn’t as trippy as the classic one, but it is different. Mad Hatter is one of the most popular Halloween costumes for men (and there are even female versions)…the Dark Version would be more unique than the Original or Classic Mad Hatter.

As you can see, it’s a bit more “Halloween” than the first Mad Hatter costume. It’s darker, with more of an evil streak. You need to decide if you’re an evil Mad Hatter or a silly Mad Hatter, and choose the Halloween costume that suits your image.

Neither of these Mad Hatter costumes for men are last minute or easy homemade Halloween costumes – unless, of course, you have a Mad Hatter top hat, velvet smoking jacket, crazy striped pants, and huge clownish bowtie at home.

Happy Camper – an easy men’s Halloween costume

Go camping for the October 31 long weekend! Wear all your camping or hunting gear – khaki shorts, hiking shoes, backpack, canteen with Johnny Walker’s, etc. This isn’t the most creative mens homemade Halloween costume, but it’s fast and easy (a true “DIY” Halloween idea).

If you want something creative and unique, consider combining two costumes. For example, the Bob Marley Halloween costume can be combined with the camper idea, and voila! You have Bob Marley camping on the beach on October 31.

HAIRY Potter – not Harry Potter

This is a Halloween costume for men who like to garden (not JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book character). This “Hairy Potter” Halloween costumes involves wearing a gardening apron with the pockets filled with gardening tools, flower seed packets, etc. Carry a watering can or a potted plant – something a gardener would carry.

If you’re looking for literary or book character costumes, read 30 Halloween Costume Ideas for Book Lovers.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume for Men

Harry Potter Halloween Costume for Men
Harry Potter Mens Halloween Costume

Speaking of book lovers and character costumes, the Harry Potter Deluxe Robe Costume is perfect for men who work with books (eg, authors, librarians, teachers, professors). Or maybe it’s too close to home? Maybe that something a bit closer to the wild side is more up your alley.

This Harry Potter Halloween costume for men includes a robe with lined hood, clasp and Hogwarts embroidered emblem. This costume doesn’t come with the shirt, tie, glasses, pants or shoes. I’m sure you could come up with those costume accessories at home, though! That’ll be the “homemade” part of this Halloween costume idea :-)

The Three Monkeys

Remember the Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil monkeys? You can be them for Halloween this year! A super easy Halloween costume for men: Wear sunglasses and earmuffs. Put a piece of duct tape over your mouth. Write on your shirt “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.” All fun and games – until it comes time to rip the duct tape off your mouth. This idea might work in combination with the homemade Bob Marley costume idea.

Half Asleep/Half Awake (an easy homemade men’s Halloween costume)

This is what you wear to work everyday! You’ll need to get your scissors and sewing materials out – so this isn’t exactly an easy Halloween costume for men to make. Cut a pair of pajamas in half, and sew a men’s dress shirt to the top. Sew a pair of trousers to the bottom. You’ll be half in your pj’s and half of your dress suit. Half Asleep is a creative Halloween costume idea for a man, but it also takes some work.

Joker “Halloween Costume” Mask

Joker Halloween Costume
Joker Halloween Mask for Men

The Batman’s Joker Halloween Mask is a good solution for men who don’t want to or can’t dress up in a full costume at Halloween but still want to participate (and scare the pants off the trick-or-treaters, coworkers or the wife when she’s getting out of the shower!).

This Joker Halloween mask is part of Rubie’s Costume’s Heroes and Villains Collection. It probably wouldn’t work with the Bob Marley Halloween costume idea, nor could you make this mask at home.

The Joker – Full Halloween Costume for Men

If you want the full the whole Joker Halloween costume for men check out the Dark Knight – The Grand Deluxe Joker Costume and Mask for Men. Wild! This Halloween costume for men includes the purple jacket, shirt, pants, vest, tie, gloves, wig and makeup kit.

Highway Robbery

Dress in black from head to toe, and use yellow paint or felt to draw a yellow line down the front of your body. Wear a bandana under your eyes like the robbers of the days of yore – or a stocking over your head. Carry a plastic gun (at your own risk), and a bag full of Monopoly money. You’re highway robbery!

This is another extremely fast and easy mens’ Halloween costume idea. It’s no Rasta Bob Marley, though.

Holy Cow (not an easy homemade costume for men)

Get a cow costume – or make one out of black clothes, a cowbell around your neck, an udder on your belly. Put a pair of angel’s wings on your back and a halo on your head. You’re a HOLY cow, get it? As in, “Holy cow, this is the best place to find Halloween costume ideas for men!” Or “Holy cow, wish I would’ve thought of investing in Halloween candy a hundred years ago.”

Identity Crisis

Wear a gray sweatsuit or jogging suit, and stick a couple dozen name tags that say “Hello my name is…” all over your body. Put random names in the name tags: Judy, Mike, Kim, Susan, Kamal, Jimbo, Fido. This is an extremely fast and easy Halloween costume for men and women. It’s kinda funny, too!

If you’re not interested in these Mad Hatter, Bob Marley or other homemade Halloween costumes for men, read Food Costumes to Make at Home.


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