Is Your Marriage Over? 7 Truths You Need to Face

When you’re struggling with the “is my marriage over?” question, you may find yourself veering from “yes, our relationship is done” to “there’s still hope for our marriage!” in the space of minutes. How do you know if your marriage is over or if it’s going through a natural down […]

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12 Beautiful Gifts for Your Wife at Christmas

The best gifts for a wife at Christmas make her happy and make shopping easy for you. Save time and please her with these gifts for wife at Christmas – you’ll pamper her without spending hours in the shopping malls. The Solid White 10K Gold Natural Fiery Opal English Victorian Trilogy […]

Should You Move to the Country or Stay in the City?

Your husband wants to live in the city; you want to keep your city home. How do you keep your marriage intact and get what you both want? These tips are inspired by a reader who commented on my article about knowing if your marriage is over. She says: “I […]

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How to Find Happiness in an Unhappy Marriage – Tips From a Chaperone

These tips for being happy when you can’t leave your spouse are inspired by a woman who was married to a gay man for over 30 years. Cora felt she couldn’t leave her husband because people would talk. This was back in the 1920’s, during Prohibition, underground jazz groups (speakeasys), […]

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Is the First Year of Marriage the Hardest?

A reader asked about how to be married on 4 Ways to Create Love and Peace in an Unhappy Marriage. Here’s her question, and my thoughts on the first year of marriage… “My husband and I have been married for just over a year,” says Michelle. “I recently told him […]

What to Do When You’re Struggling With Life as a Military Wife

If you love your husband but hate what deployment is doing to your marriage, you may find comfort and support in these tips for military wives. Don’t give your husband’s job in the army, navy, or US Marines Corps power to destroy your relationship. These tips are inspired by a […]

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