3 Ways to Meet New Friends – Help for Widows

The most difficult part of being a widow is different for everyone, but meeting new friends is often at the top of the list. Here are three ways for widows to make friends while grieving and transitioning into widowhood. From One Widow to Another: Conversations on the New You by Miriam Neff is a book that may […]

help for widows meeting new friends

how to help someone with depression

How to Help Someone With Depression

You may feel helpless and lost when a spouse, friend, or family member is depressed. These suggestions for helping someone with depression include practical tips and emotional support. Reading books like Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue will increase your understanding of what depression is. One of the best ways to be […]

5 Signs You’re a Toxic Friend

Most of us can recognize a bad friendship fairly quickly, but we may not know if we ourselves are toxic friends. These signs you’re in a toxic friendship will help you see yourself more clearly. In Toxic Friends: A Practical Guide to Recognizing and Dealing with an Unhealthy Friendship, Loraine Smith-Hines describes different types of […]

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Mom Has Cancer

How to Comfort a Friend Whose Mom Has Cancer

Our friend’s mom was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her brain. These tips on how to comfort a friend whose mom has cancer are from him. He shares what to say and do when your friend’s mom has cancer, and what not to say or do. A Willow Tree Figurine – “My Sister My […]

How to Help a Friend Cope With an Unhappy Marriage

On my article about unhappy marriages, a reader described her friend’s toxic relationship and asked for ways to help her friend cope. “My friend’s husband is a liar, a cheat, and a thief,” says Ria on When to Give Up on Your Marriage. “They have children together and she will get angry, but take him back […]

How to Make Friends in Your 40s

How to Meet Friends When You’re 40+

On my article about meeting friends after moving to a new city, a reader asked for friend-finding tips for people over 40. I’m not sure if I’m the best or worst person to ask, because meeting friends has been a struggle for me for the past 7 years! In Friendships Don’t Just Happen!: The Guide […]

What to Do If You Know Your Friend’s Boyfriend is Cheating

The only thing worse than knowing your friend is being cheated on is being cheated on and not knowing it! Here’s what to do if you know your friend’s boyfriend is cheating… Here’s what Xena (not her real name) asks: “A friend of mine has a great boyfriend. She’s been cheating on him for a […]

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4 Ways to Deal With Selfish One-Sided Friendships

These tips will help you deal with a variety of one-sided friendships, including bad friends, friends who talk behind your back, and friends who never call or make an effort to hang with you. Here’s what one of my readers says about a one-sided friendship: “I wanted to be friends with her so badly that I compromised […]