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How to Cope With Difficult Parents – for Adult Children

3 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Parents

Everyone is different, which means that every family needs different advice on how to deal with difficult parents. My tips will help you heal and grow forward, without expecting your parents to change. These tips are for adult children who are ready to start moving past their unhappy or difficult childhoods.

Blossom Tips How to Focus on Work When You're Distracted by Home Problems

10 Tips for Staying Focused at Work When You’re Distracted

These tips for staying focused at work are especially helpful if you’re distracted by problems at home. Not only do you owe it to your job and fellow employees to leave your problems at home, staying focused at work can give you a healthy “time out.” Sharpening your work focus may be just the distraction you need – and that’s what these tips are all about.