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3 Reasons to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement Before You Get Married

Should you sign a prenup? The Money Couple was once against prenuptial agreements, but now believe they’re necessary. Here are their reasons couples should sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married. “The reality is that 50% of marriages end in divorce,” say Scott and Bethany Palmer, authors of First Comes […]

Romantic Honeymoon Getaways in Maui – 10 Honeymoon Tips

A romantic honeymoon getaway in Maui is the perfect way to end the wedding rush! These honeymoon tips revolve around a condo hotel – I’m staying at the Aston Maui Kaanapali Villas as I write this, and think Maui could be one of the most romantic destinations in the world! Before […]

6 Money Saving Tips for Weddings – Bridal Bargains to Spend Less Money

Finding the best bridal bargains will start your marriage off on the right foot by helping you spend less money on frivolous items. Plus, these money saving tips for weddings can help you save up for a romantic honeymoon getaway in Maui!  Here’s what a financial expert says about getting married: […]

5 Successful Dating Tips for Men and Women

These five successful dating tips for men and women are from dating expert and author Ian Coburn. He explains how his dating advice will improve your love life and help you achieve your relationship goals! Before the tips, a quip: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it […]

What to Look for When Dating – 7 Tips for Successful Dates

What do you look for when you’re dating? These tips for successful dates are from a relationship coach who helps couples strengthen their romantic relationships. Mary Jo Fay, author of The Seven Secrets of Love: Unlocking the Mysteries Behind Truly Great Relationships and creator of the Signal 4 Singles Program, shares her tips for […]

10 Best Wedding Movies – Romances and Comedies

This list of the best wedding movies includes romances, comedies, and romantic comedies! If you’re planning a wedding or bridal shower, check out the top ten wedding movies of all time. Watching movies about weddings when you’re getting married is a great way to get ideas for your wedding ceremony and […]

Diamond Tips – Cool Things You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

These tips about diamonds aren’t necessarily things you need to know when you’re buying an engagement ring, but they’re very cool!  Whether you’re investing in Canadian diamonds or deciding which engagement ring to buy for your girlfriend, you’ll see diamonds differently after reading these diamond tips… First, a quip from Elizabeth Taylor about diamonds […]