Kids’ Halloween Ideas – Candy Shopping and Halloween Parties

Should kids’ spending money go towards Halloween candy shopping, parties, or costumes? These Halloween ideas are from Karyn Hodgens, creator of KidsSave — she helps kids learn to take charge of their money.

“The best lessons are learned in the context of kids’ everyday lives,” says Hodgens. “So let’s use Halloween as an opportunity to sneak in a few life lessons.”

Should kids spend their own money on Halloween candy for trick or treaters, Halloween parties, or Halloween costumes? Here’s what Hodgens thinks….and if you’re looking for savings on candy shopping (or Jack O’Lanterns), click the picture of assorted candy! It’ll take you to Amazon, where the possibilities for endless bulk shopping for Halloween candy (and costumes!) is almost endless…

Kids’ Halloween Ideas

Should kids spend part or all of their allowance on Halloween costumes? Halloween costumes can get quite pricey. Decide in advance how much you are willing to spend, and then stick to it. If your child finds that have-to-have costume and it’s over your budget, then she can pay the difference from her own spending money. That’s usually when you find out just how important that Halloween costume is!

Should kids help buy Halloween candy to give to trick or treaters? No – unless, of course, they want to. But the candy supply should be the parents’ responsibility.

By the way — if your child is going trick or treating, you might want to read Halloween Child Safety Tips for Kids Who Trick or Treat.

How Halloween Can Teach Kids About Spending Money

Budgeting for a Halloween party. If you’re having a Halloween party this year, let your tween or teen do all the planning and shopping with you as their guide. First, determine the budget. Using that information, have him make a list of all the needed supplies: paper plates, napkins, food/drink items, decorations, etc. To get a general idea of the cost of various items, visit Amazon or other online stores to see a price list. Teach him how to be a good consumer by comparison shopping and shopping sales.

Candy shopping for trick or treaters. Help your child figure out the best deal on bags of Halloween candy. They’ll need to consider things such as the amount and size of candy in the bags. Of course, the type of candy plays a role as well. Buying your absolute favorite (such as chocolate bars) may cost a little more. A good consumer looks at price and value.

The best time to spend money — on Halloween sales. Shopping the day after Halloween is like shopping on Boxing Day! So many cool Halloween things to choose from at prices that are as mouth-watering as the left-over trick-or-treat candy. This is a great opportunity to teach shopping sales, and, of course, planning ahead for next Halloween.

If you have any questions or thoughts on these Halloween ideas for candy shopping, Halloween parties, and spending money – please comment below.

Karyn Hodgens has a degree in child development and a multiple subjects teaching credential.  Her passion is educating parents on the importance of financial literacy for kids.

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