Best Tips for Interval Workouts and Hybrid Workouts

These exercise tips for interval and hybrid workouts are from fitness buff Cathy Lang. Here, she offers basic information about interval workouts and hybrid workouts, including her take on the “fat burning zone.”

Here’s what she says about the infamous fat burning zone:

“There is no ‘fat burning zone’!” says Cathy. “I wish this myth would go away forever…the fact is that the harder you work the more calories you will burn. Period.”

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And, read on for Lang’s information about interval and hybrid workouts…

Best Tips for Interval Workouts and Hybrid Workouts

Interval training alternates bursts of high intensity exercise with spurts of moderate activity.

Interval training works because:

1.  Training with these peaks (80-85% of max heart rate) and valleys (heart rate should never return to resting level) in your workout has a more dramatic affect on fat burning and  cardiovascular fitness.

2.  Interval training is a great way to shake-up your exercise routine and fight boredom. For more ways to make fitness more exciting, read 10 Workouts to Boost Your Metabolism.

Two Benefits of Interval Workouts

1.  Interval training gives you a lot of “bang for your buck”, so to speak.  The overall benefits of 30 minutes spent interval training far outweigh 30 minutes of “regular” cardio.

2.  Interval training can increase your body’s ability to burn fat by approximately 30%…no matter what your fitness level is.

3.  No special equipment or gym membership required! You just need the discipline to include high intensity intervals in your workout.

Drawbacks of Interval Workouts

1.  Interval training may not be for everyone.  If you have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure you should check with your doctor before asking your body to encounter these swings in heart rate.

2.  Many of us have become comfortable with our cardio routine, maybe chatting on our cell phones while working out. If you really want to achieve your fitness goals, interval training requires focus, intensity and determination. We have to forgo the social aspect of running, cycling, etc and tap into the competitor inside.

A New Exercise Routine: Integrated, Hybrid or Multi Discipline Workouts 

A hybrid workout combines two or more disciplines and/or two or more of the major categories of fitness (cardiovascular, strength and flexibility). Some of the best examples are Bootcamps, Yoga Chisel and Minimum Impact Train Everything.

A hybrid workout makes the most of our precious time. Instead of choosing between strength training and cardio, many formats have merged to bring them together. Flexibility, despite its importance in overall fitness and wellness, is often the first category to be eliminated due to time constraints.  Hybrid Workouts put together a package that cross trains the body in an effective way, which can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Benefits of Hybrid Workouts

1.  Balanced training workouts are generally guided by a professional who brings the knowledge to combine strength, cardio and flexibility training in a concentrated time and in appropriate quantities, to optimize overall fitness and achieve weight loss goals. These workouts also often offer the opportunity to move the body in several different planes, which is vital for injury prevention.

2.  Before the popularization of these formats an individual would either have to train for three hours a day (who has that kind of time?) or skip certain types of workouts all together.  Now we have made it possible for people of all levels to address each area of fitness effectively and efficiently.

Drawbacks of Hybrid Workouts

1.  These types of workouts are most often guided by professionals in gyms and other group settings.  They are more difficult to safely duplicate alone.

2.  Hybrid workouts can be intimidating.  Often newcomers are concerned about a learning curve with new disciplines and shy away from trying something new.

If you want to change your level of fitness or the look of your body, 30 minutes of interval training is hands down the better choice over 60 minutes of moderate cardio,” says Lang.

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