Inexpensive Halloween Ideas – Cheap Halloween Tricks and Tips

These inexpensive Halloween ideas are tasteful — not tacky! Cheap Halloween tricks and tips don’t have to include plastic junk, unless of course you’re deliberately planning a tacky Halloween party or costume :-)

Before the tips, a Halloween quip:

” ‘Tis now the very witching time of night, When churchyards yawn and breathe out Contagion to this world.” ~ William Shakespeare.

Are you tired of witches at Halloween? Maybe you need to turn your frontyard into a graveyard with a sinister skull and lantern — it’s a Halloween party decoration you can make at home if you’re artistic and creative! Search the internet for “homemade Halloween skeletens and skulls” — or visit Martha Stewart’s Halloween pages. Me, I’d probably just buy a skeleten and stick it in the ground (though those things can be expensive, depending on where you buy them).

On to my tips for saving money on Halloween costumes, treats, and parties…

Inexpensive Halloween Ideas – Cheap Halloween Tricks and Tips

1. Take your time — do your research! The best way to save money at Halloween is to start planning early. It’s October 1, 2010 right now — which is a good time to start thinking about your Halloween costumes, parties, tricks, and tips. If you leave Halloween to the last minute, you’ll spend more money and feel more stressed. So, my number one inexpensive Halloween idea is to plan ahead. Some people start thinking about their Halloween costumes in July!

2. Avoid the more expensive Halloween chocolate bars and potato chips. Prepackaged chocolate bars and chips are often more expensive than bulk food items — but you can’t hand out baggies of bulk food goodies when kids come “trick or treating.” Nevertheless, you don’t have to spend $100 on Halloween treats. Look in WalMart or Costco or some other huge grocery store for less expensive treats. Small boxes of raisins or individually packaged fruit cups are healthier Halloween treats — and if you find the right store, they can be cheaper than Halloween candy.

3. Make healthy Halloween treats at home. I know you can’t give out homemade Halloween foods when kids trick or treat, but you can make inexpensive, delicious snacks for Halloween parties and events. Miniature muffins, dried pineapple, yoghurt covered raisins, trail mix and reduced-sugar granola bars are healthy, inexpensive snacks for Halloween (depending on where you buy them — which is why you need to plan ahead, so you can shop around!). Try to limit (or eliminate) refined white sugar products, which come in expensive packaging and are so unhealthy.

4. Look for a costume swap or Halloween costume exchange party. This is one of my favorite tips for a cheap Halloween — it’s a great way to save money on Halloween costumes and accessories! Some community centers, nonprofit organizations, or schools host Halloween costume exchange parties. Take all those old costumes and trade them with other people’s used costumes. It’s inexpensive, and a great way to get rid of your old Halloween costumes.

5. Explore vintage shops for costume jewelry and accessories. Instead of buying cheap plastic manufactured accessories for your Halloween costume, shop at the vintage or second-hand stores in your area. “Vintage” may mean “expensive” in some shops — so make sure you find the stores that sell costume jewelry, feather boas, big belts, funky hats, and cool boots for a few dollars each. Or, ask elderly family members if they want to lend you their classic clothes or accessories for a Halloween costume. Borrowing from friends and family will keep Halloween inexpensive.

6. Make your own Halloween costume. Why spend money on a Halloween costume that you rarely wear? On this website I’ve shared hundreds of creative Halloween costume ideas that are easy for us non-Martha Stewart types! Homemade Halloween costumes are more fun and creative than storebought ones, especially if you make it a family or couple project. Read Unique DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for ideas — I can almost guarantee that you’ll find what you need in your basement, attic, or closets.

7. Enjoy the Halloween spirit – don’t try to impress others. Sometimes we spend a lot of money on events like Halloween because we want to impress others. I know how fun it is to “steal the show” by having the best Halloween costume, the most impressive Halloween decorations, and the biggest haunted house within 200 miles. It’s great if you can afford it, if you’re not in debt. But even if you can afford to spend a lot of money on Halloween stuff, it’s more fun and fulfilling to get into the Halloween spirit. This may mean “settling” for inexpensive Halloween ideas and cheap Halloween tricks and tips, instead of going all out.

For more Halloween tips, read Extreme Halloween Decorations and Tips for Halloween Parties.

Do you have any ideas for an inexpensive, cheap Halloween? I’d love to hear from you below!

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