6 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas – Creative, Unique, and Easy

Christmas Gifts That Don't Cost A Lot of MoneyThese homemade Christmas gift ideas are creative and unique, as well as easy and inexpensive. I’m not “crafty” and don’t want to make homemade gifts for Christmas – but I do want to save money.

So, I gathered tips for saving money on Christmas gifts – none of which involve shopping for craft supplies, loading glue guns, or sewing sequins. Not that there’s anything wrong with making homemade Xmas crafts…

First, a tip from the craftiest woman alive:

“In her latter years, my mother experienced considerable hearing loss for which she purchased hearing aids,” writes Martha Stewart on her blog. “Hearing aids, as you may know, are costly devises and I wondered what became of hers. I was relieved to hear that my sister, Laura, donated them along with Mom’s eyeglasses. Those hearing aids and glasses were refurbished and given to benefit someone in need.”

If you have unused items like hearing aids or eyeglasses, find out how you can donate them. Helping others hear and see better is a priceless Christmas gift idea!

One of the best gifts my husband ever gave me was a gorgeous wall sign that says “If you believe, all things are possible.”  Wall signs like that, or the Dance Sing Love Live Wall Art sign (pictured) are inexpensive, thoughtful, and inspirational Christmas gifts. And they’re easy to make, if you were so inclined.

Okay – here are my inexpensive Christmas gift ideas, none of which involve craft supplies (except maybe for one)…

6 Creative, Unique, and Easy Christmas Gifts

Start your Christmas gift shopping early. December 24 and 25 will be here before you can say “Ho Ho Ho” – and shopping at the last minute will not help you save money on Christmas gifts. Most of these tips take a bit of time and planning, which means you need to get in Christmas shopping mode right now.

Create a blog or website that celebrates your loved one. Starting a new website takes less than five minutes, and it’s a creative, inexpensive way to say “Merry Christmas.” A blog is a great gift for elderly parents or grandparents – and it’s free! “Build a webpage with special content and pictures, and share it with friends and family members, so they can comment on it and add their own stories and memories,” says Kathleen McFall, who wrote The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Darkly Romantic Mystery with her husband, Clark Hays. They’ve been married for 11 years, and decided early on that “normal” Christmas gifts were unsatisfying and expensive. This online family album or family history isn’t just a great way to save money on Christmas gifts – it could be the start of a whole new tradition for your family.

“Travel” to a different country for the Christmas holidays. I’m not talking about spending money on a Christmas vacation to Paris or Mexico – this gift idea is much less expensive and more creative. Where has your loved one always wanted to travel? What country does he love? What is his home country – where was he born? Create a Christmas gift that revolves around that part of the world. If he finds Paris fascinating, organize a French-themed day, with French myths or fairy tales, traditions, food, and books. Many countries celebrate Christmas in different, exotic ways – and they all have different myths, gifts, foods, language, clothing, and celebrations. Bring a country or city to your own home! Making Christmas an experience is an 30 Ways to Make Money on the Side that’s fun and memorable.

Make vintage stores, thrift stores, and secondhand shops part of your routine. If you keep going back to thrift stores, you’re almost guaranteed to find an Christmas gifts that don’t cost a lot of money. Those stores get new stock every hour, which means you need to make the store part of your daily or weekly routine until you find the right Christmas gifts. My husband and I found our cat’s Christmas gift at the Salvation Army thrift store in Vancouver – it’s a terrific, almost new cat tree. Vintage and secondhand stores often sell items still in their original packaging, and those Christmas gifts aren’t duplicates of the stuff you’ll find at WalMart, the Gap, or on Amazon!

Consider homemade food as a Christmas gift. Every year, my in-laws receive a huge tin of a homemade nut/cereal/dried fruit concoction from their BFFs (Best Friends Forever). The rest of the family can’t wait to dive into it! Making a tin of baked goodies, trail mix, or some baked cereal/nut combination is a inexpensive Christmas gift that doesn’t require making crafts (unless you call wrapping a big red bow around a tin or jar a “homemade Xmas craft”).

Don’t spend money on Christmas wrapping paper, tags, bows. Gift wrap – even when it’s on sale – is an expensive waste of money. Use newspaper, kids’ artwork, magazines, maps, or calendars to wrap your Christmas gifts. And, reuse your mandarin orange boxes. “I save our clementine boxes every year and reuse them to create gorgeous gift baskets,” says Megan. “You can shred paper or paper bags to use as stuffing. Just top it off with a recycled bow from last Christmas and you’re set to go with an eco-friendly gift!” For a festive look, you can paint, colour, or paste natural decorations on the outside of the box. This is a great way to 30 Ways to Make Money on the Side – and it’s creative without being crafty.

What do you think of these homemade Christmas gift ideas? 

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