Increase Your Body Confidence While Reading Women’s Magazines

These tips for increasing your body confidence will ease the effects of reading women’s magazines — because, ironically, the magazines that are intended to empower and educate women may lead to more health and self-image problems than they solve!

Luckily, you don’t have to trash your favorite women’s magazines yet. Your perspective, attitude, and lifestyle packs more punch than all the magazines in the world.

“…perhaps the most important thing we can ever do in our lives is find a way to keep the wild – both the wild inside and the wild outside us – and tap into it.” – Anne Rivers Siddons, a bestselling author.

For ways to “keep the wild”, read This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes by Roseanne Olson — a book for women that’s all about accepting yourself – your size and shape – the way you are right now . And, read on for six ways to increase your body confidence while reading women’s magazines…

6 Ways to Increase Your Body Confidence While Reading Women’s Magazines

1. Realize how your self-esteem develops. The perception of a “normal” body shape is affected by what you see: the more thin women you see – or even muscular, tanned men for that matter – the more you’ll compare yourself to them and be found wanting. This negatively affects how you see yourself, and decreases your body confidence. Research shows that watching mainstream television, reading women’s magazines, and viewing Hollywood movies lowers body image and self-esteem. To keep your body image high, read 10 Tip for Increasing Your Body Confidence.

2. Be aware of how cover models affect your body image. Girls who often read articles about weight loss and dieting are more likely to practice unhealthy eating habits such as starving or binge eating, according to research from the University of Minnesota. Photos of gorgeous, air-brushed models can lead to destructive comparisons and unhealthy activities in adult women, too. Even small amounts, as little as five minutes, of exposure to thin bodies can negatively affect body image and confidence.

3. Reconsider your perception of “normal.” The more you see slim beautiful models and actresses, the more you believe that’s what normal looks like. (The more you’re exposed to anything, the more normal it becomes.) It is ironic, almost comical, that women’s magazines are emblazoned with images of flawless perfection that real women could never obtain naturally, and yet these these magazines claim to empower women by helping them become more beautiful, smart, and sexy. Also, remember you can look beautiful without makeup.

4. Don’t avoid women’s magazines. Isolating yourself from movies, TV, and magazines isn’t a realistic option. You’d have to wear blinders at the grocery store check out and avert your head when you catch glimpses of bus shelters and billboards! Plus, you’d be losing out on the extremely valuable information, inspiration, and a feeling of connection that many women’s magazines offer. Instead, learn to increase your body confidence while reading women’s magazines — and don’t let external info affect your self-esteem (read Tips for Enhancing Your Natural Beauty!).

5. Separate your body image from women’s magazines. How do you feel about your body? What do you love, what do you hate? Improving your self-image involves taking risks, accepting yourself, and realizing that life is so short, it’s a useless waste of time to focus on your appearance and weight. Instead, focus on being healthy, fit, and fulfilled. When your esteem is healthy and strong, you won’t be as negatively affected by who you see and what you hear. You’ll genuinely admire true beauty and success because you’ll feel confident in your own self.

6. Choose your women’s magazines carefully. My favorite magazine is O because it encourages women to “be your best self” and offers tons of inspiration and information. I definitely feel empowered to follow my dreams from the articles and interviews in most issues of Oprah’s magazine. To choose the right women’s magazines, check how you feel when you look at the cover and read the contents. Are you inspired and empowered, or do you feel dowdy and dumb? If you feel bad about yourself, stay away from that magazine.

For more natural beauty tips, read How to Feel Beautiful No Matter What You Look Like.

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What do you think of these tips for increasing your body confidence while reading women’s magazines? I welcome your comments below…


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2 thoughts on “Increase Your Body Confidence While Reading Women’s Magazines”

  1. Thanks for popping in, Alicia! I appreciate your feedback, am glad you liked the book, and am especially glad that you’ve shared it with your friends. That’s a book I wish I would’ve written :-) It really does help with body confidence, because it’s real women sharing their honest, authentic selves. Quite inspiring!

  2. Hi Laurie, I just want to thank you for this post. I bought the book a few weeks after you reviewed it and I LOVED it. I cried just reading your post, so I knew I’d love the book itself. It has been passed along to dear female friends….