Halloween Theme Party Ideas – 5 Themes to Choose From

Don’t know what type of theme party to throw this Halloween? Here are five theme party ideas to choose from – they’re from a professional event planner, and they’ll kick your Halloween party up a notch!

Before the party tips, here’s a quip for your Halloween invitation:

“Calling all Goblins, Ghosts,

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No matter what theme you choose for your Halloween party, you need a Sinister Skull With Lantern Halloween Party Decoration.

And, here are eight tips for Halloween theme parties from Stephanie Hansen of Starfish Creative Events.

Halloween Theme Party Ideas – 5 Themes to Choose From

Monster Mash Bash – Guests come dressed as their all-time favorite monster to this ghoulishly fabulous Halloween theme party. Ideas include Frankenstein, Dracula, Witches, Godzilla, Bigfoot, etc. Play spooky music (including the theme song at least once an hour), and turn the venue into a real “haunted” space – with spider webs, creaky doors, dark lighting and scary surprises throughout the night. It will be a graveyard smash!

And if you’re looking for decorating ideas, read Scary Halloween Decorations for Parties.

Famous Couples Party – for this Halloween or costume party theme idea, couples dress up as famous duos – real or fictional. Some examples are Marilyn Monroe & Fred Astaire, Brad & Angelina, Bonnie & Clyde, Al & Peggy Bundy, and more. This Halloween theme party is lively and fun, especially if you have guests make others guess who they are throughout the night. Hold an anonymous vote for the best-dressed couple and award them with a prize at the end of the night, so attendees have something to fight for!

For ideas for couples costumes, read Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples – Beyond Lois and Superman.

Era Ball – Pick a highly-celebrated era or decade, such as the 1920’s, the 50’s or the 80’s, and theme your gala after it. Have guests arrive costumed in appropriate attire for the era, and play a fun soundtrack from the time period. Decorate accordingly and even adopt the language of the time (in the 1950’s, you might have called your party a “Sock Hop” or this bash would be “totally radical” in the 80’s). This Halloween theme party can even include themed entertainment, like organizing a choreographed Flapper dance or playing an old silent film for your guests.

Film Fiesta – At this theme party, attendees get to dress as their favorite movie character. You can go further and make it a horror film, action heroes or comedy superstar theme. Costume ideas for this Halloween theme party include Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s, Frank the Tank from Old School, Barf from Spaceballs or any character from Super Troopers. As décor, hang movie posters on the walls, or make it interactive by holding a movie quote or trivia game.

Carnivale Festival – This Halloween theme party is great if kids will be attending, or if your guests are simply kids at heart. Hold an afternoon party with lots of different games and activities. Think bobbing for apples, bean bag tosses, pumpkin carving, a moonbounce and anything else you can imagine. Have face painters, clowns and even a magician come and perform for guests. Serve hot apple cider, pumpkin pie, chicken corn chowder and other comfort foods. This Halloween theme party is also a great idea for a block party if the whole neighborhood wants to get involved!

For more tips, read Halloween Ideas – A Round Up of Tips for October 31.

What’s the best Halloween theme party you ever attended? Comments welcome below…

For more info on event planning, visit Stephanie Hansen at Starfish Creative Events.

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  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Great, Spock. I’m glad the article was helpful — and if you want to share your Halloween party ideas, please feel free!

  2. Fantastic Ideas. I like the way you presented the different types of Halloween gatherings you can have. I love the film fiesta and the famous couples party. Both present a wide variety of choices in the range of movie costumes and couple costumes. This article really gives me an idea of what type of party I will be throwing this Halloween.