Ideas for Extreme Halloween Decorations for October Parties

These ideas for extreme Halloween decorations for October parties range from easy homemade decorations to elaborate store-bought Halloween haunted houses and graveyard scenes! There’s something for every Halloween party-thrower here…

But before the Halloween tips and tricks, a quip:

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, tis near Halloween.” ~ Author Unknown.

The Halloween bag of skeleton bones is perfect for a Halloween haunted house or graveyard — but don’t buy it if you have small kids in the house (the skeleton has small bits that are a choking hazard).

And, here are more extreme Halloween ideas from people who have actually tried them…

Ideas for Extreme Halloween Decorations for October Parties

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Graveyard Scene– “Years ago, my dad used to make legs “sticking out of the ground” out of 1″X2″ boards, stuffed old pants and a pair of old shoes.” – Nancy Faye Padron

Halloween Witch, Skull or Vampire Yard Display– “My favorite homemade touch for ‘extreme Haloween decorations’ is the “Witches’ Parking Lot” outside the front door. The idea is that it’s a “parking lot” for witches. I got three large sticks (really they were small tree branches) which had some twists and turns in them and moss, and then bought two smaller raffia type decorative brooms at the Dollar Tree for $1 each (those cinnamon brooms would be great for this too), and some brown twine at Wal-Mart for about $2. I cut the ties off the brooms so they ended up just being 24″ long strips of raffia like material. Then I cut the strips in half and separated the whole thing into three bunches (since I did three brooms). I attached the raffia strips to the end of the sticks by wrapping the twine around them (like an old-fashioned broom). Then I placed all three “brooms” in an umbrella stand outside the front door and placed a little sign that said “Parking” into the stand with them. I also added a Styrofoam crow covered in black feathers for effect.” – Amanda Maples Marr

Halloween Haunted House– “Cover your furniture in old white sheets and tables in black fabric, use lots of artificial cobwebs all over the house, fill up clear jars and vases with food coloring water and set green grapes in one (eyes), A fennel bulb in one (a heart), and a head of cabbage in one (a brain). Set up the bar with red wine and “eyeball” martini’s (vodka, fresh lime juice, lychee nectar and garnish with a fresh lychee, it looks like an eyeball). Set out candles/ luminaries in the walkway up to your house, and set out lanterns, big knotty branches, and dried leaves at the entrance. Have low, slow organ music playing when people enter.” – lifestyle guru Libby Langdon

Blacklight Reactive Paint Skull & Crossbones– “Paint an image on a wall (preferably a white background) with blacklight reactive paint, and when you turn a blacklight on, the image pops out. This idea for an extreme Halloween decoration could be great for a porch. Put a white poster board on the wall and have a blacklight in the porch light, and turn it on when you answer the door for trick or treaters and the image pops out. There’s a lot more you can do with blacklight!” – Troy G, Blacklight.

Floating Ghosts – “One of my favorite ideas for ‘extreme Halloween’ decorations consists of fishing line, white plastic bags a little newspaper, and a permanent black marker. Oh…and the key element….a front door. I make small ghosts using the white plastic bags..a little newspaper in the head, a string around the neck, and markers for eyes. But the real fun comes when you attached fishing line to the head of the ghost and string the line over a drain spout, tree or eye hook. Then attach the line to the upper corner of the front door. Every time the door opens, the ghost goes up (or down-depending on the direction the door swings.) I like to attach several ghosts floating in different locations (all attached to the same door.) – Nancy Faye Padron

Tombstone Graveyard – “For homemade tombstones, cut into the appropriate size and shape and use compatible gray spray paint to make them realistic. Have fun with the epitaphs writing “Here lies a once naughty child” or “Ben Better” with a black permanent marker.” – Kimberly Danger

Scary Halloween Mask Decorations -“To make scary Halloween masks, use extra large black garbage bags and a large metal coat hanger. Drape the bag over the hanger, cut or shred the bottom as desired (more bags make it more spookie), attach string to the top of the hanger, thread the mask over the string (tie a thick knot in the string for the mask to rest on). Hang indoors or out – fun in the wind!” – Nancy Faye Padron

A bloody bath mat. If you’re into the shower scene in Psycho, you might like a bloody bath mat for your bathroom on Halloween. You could also decorate the bathroom shower curtain, walls, and even the toilet with more blood and gore. This is one of the most extreme ideas for Halloween parties because it’s scarier than a haunted house or tombstone.

Scary Floating Ghosts– “Inflate several white balloons with helium. Tie nylon thread to the ends of the balloons. Cover the balloons with squares of white gauze or white plastic garbage bags. Draw on eyes with black permanent marker. Tie the balloons around the yard so they mysteriously ‘float.’ “- Penny Warner, Balloon Time®

Homemade Halloween Ghosts– “Homemade Halloween ghosts work great as decorations for October parties. I take old wooden kitchen spoons, large white trashbags and white thread or fishing wire. I cut the white trashbags into large strips (depending upon how big the ladel/head part of the spoon is) about 10 inches wide and long enough to cover the entire spoon. Then I fold the trashbag over the spoon and take the thread/fishing wire (doubling it up) and tie it around the head – and there’s your ghost. Take a black Sharpie and draw on eyes and and a mouth. I put them in the ground or I stick them into my little Christmas trees in front of my house. I also take smaller strips of white trashbags, about 7-8 inches square, ball up some old newspaper to use as a ghost head, put the trashbag over it, and tie it up with the string. These make perfect little do-it-yourself ghosts that I can hang from tree branches.” – Debra Fazio-Rutt

Do you have any ideas for extreme Halloween decorations for October parties? Share below!

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