How Vision Boards Help You Achieve Your Goals

Vision boards can help you achieve goals – but it’s not as easy as slapping a few pictures up on your wall! These tips will help you create the type of vision board that can help you achieve any goal you can think of.

“I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have,” said Zig Ziglar. “If you don’t harness it, focus it on a specific target, and hold it there, you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.”

And that’s what vision board are all about: focusing your energy, power, and brilliance on a specific target so you can achieve your goals. If you want to get even more specific, read How to Make a Vision Board for Your Relationship.

How Vision Boards Help You Achieve Your Goals

“A vision board (also called a Treasure Map or a Visual Explorer or Creativity Collage) is typically a poster board on which you paste or collage images that you’ve torn out from various magazines. It’s simple,” writes Christine Kane, author of The Complete Guide to Vision Boards. “The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires.”

A perfect definition! But alas, there’s more to vision boards than just pasting pictures on poster board… these quips and tips for vision boards are based on Martha Beck’s June 2010 article in Oprah Magazine, called “The Vision Thing.”

1. Create a vision board that represents who you are. Don’t look through the most popular magazines for images that represent everyone’s idea of success (eg, beautiful vacations, no credit card debt, a happy family). Instead, find unusual pictures of unfamiliar places, people, poetry. Find images that resonate with who you are – without focusing on money goals, love goals, career goals (I’m not saying you should ignore your goals entirely…just put them aside when you’re creating your vision board). Find pictures that represent your most primal, wild, unique, innate self.

2. Cut and paste photos that spark your inner “a ha”! Beck encourages us to find pictures that invoke the following responses: joy, wonder, excitement, curiosity, and happiness. Put photos that make you do a double take or gasp with excitement – and avoid our culture’s clichés (perfect families, exotic vacations, early retirement).

3. Be open to the power of a vision board to help you achieve your goals. “When you start assembling pictures that appeal to your deepest self, you unleash one of the most powerful forces on our planet: human imagination,” writes Beck. “Virtually everything humans use, do, or make up exists because something thought it up.”

How Vision Boards Help You Achieve Your GoalsRemember that a vision board sets the stage for possibility. And, achieving goals isn’t about getting exactly what you want! It’s about getting what you need.

For more tips on succeeding, read 9 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams and Moving Forward in Life.

4. Stop thinking about achieving your goals. Instead of focusing with narrow minded tunnel vision on your goals (I must be debt free by 2011, I will be debt free by 2011, I have to be debt free by 2011!!!), let go of what you want. “Stop thinking about it,” says Beck. “The biggest mistake aspiring reality creators make…is continuing to push something they’ve already set in motion.” Hmmm….this tip for achieving goals stopped me in my tracks. Maybe I’m too focused on “making” my Quips and Tips blogs succeed…maybe I reek of desperation and need! Maybe it’s time to let my vision board hum quietly in the background while I relax and do what I love (which involves blogging, so I won’t be abandoning my career goals 🙂 ).

5. “Be still and still moving.” Alas, Martha Beck says, vision boards aren’t a substitute for elbow grease! We need to be active about achieving goals – we need to progress forward. How? By walking through open doors, listening to our hunches, taking advantage of “coincidences”, and doing what comes naturally. And, by knowing what to let go of. For instance, I’m constantly tweaking my ads on my Quips and Tips blogs, instead of relating to my readers or meeting new bloggers who have common interests. I need to be still more often, I think.

If your vision board involves achieving financial goals, read Money and the Law of Attraction – 4 Ways to Attract Wealth.

To learn more about creating a vision for your life, read Steering by Starlight: The Science and Magic of Finding Your Destiny by Martha Beck (she writes the most motivational books!). And, here are five ways to achieve goals faster through visualization…

And if you have any thoughts on achieving goals and vision boards, please comment below…


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