How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight – One Bite at a Time

I Want to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight!

How do you stay motivated to lose weight? One bite at a time! Good news: Dr Oz said it’s healthy to have a “pig out day” – a day that you can eat whatever you want. That’s how you stay motivated to lose weight, my friends. You eat what you love (but not every day, and not too much of it!).

These tips for staying motivated to lose weight will help — and so will a fantastic book called A Bite at a Time.

Before the tips, a quip:

“Don’t go out of your weight to please anyone but yourself.” ~ unknown.

To stay motivated to lose weight, make sure you’re losing weight for you — not your husband, mother, or an unrealistic image of perfection.

And, here are five ways to keep your motivation strong…

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Be graphic about your weight loss goals

Imagine a line graph documenting every pound you’ve lost — it’s only a matter of time until you see the downward trend that represents weight loss goals! If you can imagine the downward trend, you will stay motivated to lose weight. Each pound takes you one step closer towards your goal — and remember: taking one small step is better than taking nothing at all. Track your progress and celebrate even your smallest achievements… and keep going!

Find a weight loss motivation support group

If your friends share your weight loss goals, why not get together to help each other? The more buddies you team up with, the easier it will be for you to stay on track. For instance, instead of ordering that bowl of pasta, make a pact with your friend to both order the salad together… and share that bowl of pasta! Stay connected to people who want to find the best ways to lose weight, and who are dedicated to staying slim and healthy.

Remember that knowledge is power

Do your research! Learning about burning body fat and losing weight will help you see what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. And, reading about weight loss and how to stay motivated will help keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

Take it one bite at a time

Staying motivated to lose weight one bite at a time is about creating new diet and fitness habits slowly and steadily. Make little changes; get used to them. Then, make bigger changes. Another bite-sized way to stay motivated is to visualize yourself actually losing fat and staying slim. When you see yourself as the person you want to be in the long term, it will keep you motivated in the short term.

If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying different ways to lose weight

Don’t give up just because you ate that slice of pecan pie! Understand that there will be setbacks and temptations, but any time you lose focus or willpower, remind yourself of your underlying motivation. Why do you want to lose weight? Stay focused, my friend.

I’ve lost about 20 pounds doing the 10 Minute Solutions DVD series — I love these workout videos. To learn more read The Best Workout DVDs.

Losing weight involves an overall lifestyle change that won’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time to accomplish: not to mention commitment and patience too. The most important thing is to keep track of your progress and to build a support network of fat loss buddies.

Here’s another article that may help you stay motivated to lose weight: What is More Important When You Want to Lose Weight – Exercise or Diet?

If you have any thoughts on these tips on how to stay motivated to lose weight, please comment below…

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