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How to Start a Food Truck Business

Here’s how one entrepreneur figured out how to start a food truck business. She started by sharing her Christmas baking to is now the owner of a mobile bakery. Coni Brigner tells us how she started her food truck business – right from coming with the idea and business plan for Sweets on the Streets.

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If you want to learn how to start a food truck business, listen to Coni. “I believe it is never too late to pursue your dream in life,” she says. “This food truck business has real meaning to me because you hear so much about how loving what you are doing can make your work joyful. There is nothing I love more than creating and offering wonderful sweets. This is why I’m asking for help. If a lot of people offer a little help, we will reach our goal.”

What does she mean by “asking for help”? It’s an innovative, creative, smart way to start a food truck business:

A Different Way to Start a Food Truck

This is how one woman is pursuing her dream of starting a mobile bakery. It’s not the only way to start a food truck business, but it’s a great idea because it helps you avoid the hassle of getting a small business loan for your startup.

The beginning of this mobile bakery

Coni has been baking cookies and other goodies for 29 years, giving them away to friends, family, service providers, and even homeless shelters. She always wanted to start her own bakery in as an actual business, and recently came up with the idea of starting a food truck business.

The idea for opening a food truck

About four years ago, Coni noticed a proliferation of food trucks in the Miami Valley, and began to rethink her bakery business idea. “I know food trucks cost a fraction of what a building would cost,” she said. “And it seems like a great way to get the sweets out to people.”

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Getting money to start her food truck business

Coni decided not to go to the bank and ask for a business loan. Instead, she put her business description and plans on, which offers new ways to fund creative projects. It brings together creators of business ideas and business backers, and brings business and projects to life.

How to Start a Food Truck Business

How to Start a Food Truck Business

It’s cool, because you’re not just investing in a new and exciting business; you’re actively involved in helping someone pursue their dreams and goals!

And, different amounts of pledges net you different business perks. For instance, if you want to help Coni start her food truck, pledge $25 or more and you will receive any three items free the first time you visit Sweets on the Streets!

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The future of her food truck

Coni hopes her food truck bakery – Sweets on the Streets – will open for business next spring. She will drive her baked goods – including her famous chocolate chip cookies, bread pudding with whiskey sauce, ooey gooey cinnamon rolls and 30 types of sweet treats – around the neighborhoods in and around Dayton.

“We also have a salted caramel cake that people go crazy over,” she says. “I hope to park outside businesses in the morning and sell coffee and sweets for breakfast and throughout the day. We also have plans to be around the college campuses and even offering late night snacks.”

Quick Tips for Starting a Food Truck:

  • Be open to new ways of starting your business (eg,
  • Connect with other vendors, to learn their tips and tricks for running a food truck as a business.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or even investors in your food truck business.

Food trucks are very popular in Vancouver, but I’ve never eaten at one. I haven’t even seen a mobile bakery! If you’ve eaten at a food truck or mobile bakery, please share your thoughts and tips. And if you want to learn more about backing Coni’s mobile bakery business, go to and search for “Sweets on the Streets.”

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Source of Coni Brigner’s story of starting a food truck business: Woman with passion for baking plans to hit the streets: Mobile bakery looks for funding by Beth Anspach, in the Dayton Daily News.


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  1. Starting one’s own business is never easy be it a restaurant or a food truck. Unless you are really passionate about it you probably will not be able to give your 100%. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story :)