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How to Set and Achieve Fitness Goals – 5 Tips for Fat Loss

Increase your exercise motivation with these tips for setting and achieving fitness goals! You know that old quip that “nothing tastes as good as feeling slim feels”? Well, it’s true – and here’s the first tip for fat loss:

“I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.” ~ Marsha Doble.

If you make your fitness goals part of your life – something you do without thinking about it – then you’ll get fit and lean faster than you ever thought possible. If you need help, check out P90X Extreme Home Fitness with Tony Horton – it’s Amazon’s bestselling health and fitness product. And, here are five ways to set and achieve your fitness goals…

How to Set and Achieve Fitness Goals – 5 Tips for Fat Loss

1. Factor in your personality traits. Are you an introvert? (take this test for introverted personality traits to find out!) Introverts may not enjoy working out with groups of people, and may lean towards solo running, biking, or swimming. On the other hand, extroverts prefer intense workouts with groups of people, and are prone to exercising fairly often. Scientist Amy Hagan said, “These excitement-craving people love lots of activity, and want to go, go, go.” Extroverts also prefer to listen to music while exercising. To achieve your fitness goals, be aware of your personality traits. 

2. Don’t exercise forever – exercise better. You can get a great workout in just 10 minutes! Instead of an hour-long workout with exercises or reps that isolate one body part at a time, try five or six exercises that target multiple muscles. Pilates is a great way to do compound movements, which burn more fat and create more lean muscle. The 10 Minute Pilates Solutions DVDs are my favorite ways to exercise. Pilates (and these particular exercise DVDs) are brilliant because they use your whole body in the workout.

3. Put your workout gear on first thing in the morning. This tip for setting and achieving your fitness goals is for people who work from home (like me!). As soon as I get up in the morning, I put on my workout gear. Since I can “go to work” in whatever clothes I want, and I’ve found that putting on my workout clothes first thing increases my exercise motivation. If you can wear your workout clothes under your work clothes, you may find yourself one step closer to losing weight and keeping the pounds off.

4. Sleep in your workout clothes. Check this tip out – it’s from Barb Gormley, the owner of Custom-Fit Personal Training in Toronto. “Sounds crazy, but in winter, I wear my sports bra and workout T-shirt to bed so it’s super-easy to get out the door on cold dark mornings.” That’s like me, putting on my workout clothes as soon as I wake up! But, I don’t work out until 11 am or 4 pm, depending on how the day’s going.

5. Have realistic expectations about your fitness goals. You won’t achieve all the fitness goals you set right away, so don’t be discouraged after the first couple of weeks! It can take six weeks before you see physical changes in your body. “To avoid getting derailed,” says fitness instructor Amanda Vogel, “follow this six week approach: In the first three weeks, expect mental and emotional changes – more energy or a confidence boost. Expect to start seeing a slightly slimmer, tighter body after three weeks.”

Do you work out with your partner? Read How to Lose Weight as a Couple for tips!

How will you set and achieve fitness goals this year? I welcome your thoughts below…

Source of quotations in tips four and five: “Resolve to Tone Up,” Best Health Magazine, February, 2009.

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4 thoughts on “How to Set and Achieve Fitness Goals – 5 Tips for Fat Loss”

  1. To keep myself motivated to achieve my fitness goal, I write everyday how many kilometers I run so that I can see my progress. As I consider the running is a time for myself, I do it alone: I get some “peace” at the same time. I like the “sleep in your workout clothes” tip: I might try it,it will allow me to sleep a little bit later in winter 🙂

  2. It’s worthwhile to consider your eating habits, as being too full or too hungry are big workout busters. Essential to eat for nutrition!

  3. A way that I keep myself motivated to regularly exercise is to choose activities that meet needs, in addition to my exercise needs.

    For example, I take ballet lessons, because I love the music and the movement… and I love the ballet clothes and social aspects of it. Oh, and it happens to be really great exercise too.

    🙂 Susan