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Look Beautiful Without Makeup – 5 Fun, Creative Beauty Tips

Being a beautiful woman isn’t about age-defying moisturizer and mascara! These creative, fun beauty tips will help you look beautiful without makeup – and you won’t have to spend hours getting ready to leave the house.

“I don’t like standard beauty – there is no beauty without strangeness.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld.

The first and most important way to look beautiful without makeup is to accept who you are and what you look like! Your flaws and weaknesses can make you more appealing — so embrace them!

Realize that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes

Here’s what one naturally beautiful woman said in This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes by Roseanne Olson (one of my favorite books!):

“What I didn’t realize is that there isn’t one kind of beauty. There isn’t one person or group of people that possesses the monopoly on beauty,” says 33 year old Jennifer. “There isn’t one face, body, hair, eye or skin color that is the definition of beauty. Now I know there’s an infinite amount of beauty – it can be found in the way a person moves, a well-sculpted arm, a graceful neck, lustrous hair, compassionate eyes, hardworking hands, a soothing voice, an enthusiastic heart.”

Focus on your life – achieving your goals, living fully, being happy

he more involved you are in your own life, the happier and more beautiful you’ll be. All the makeup in the world can’t make a bored, miserable, unhappy woman beautiful. Instead of focusing on what you wish was true about your life and body, focus on setting goals and pursuing your dreams. Get busy. Get a life.

The more you focus on what you want to achieve, the less you’ll compare yourself to others – and the happier you’ll be. The best tip for looking beautiful without makeup is to dig into your own happiness!

Choose your women’s magazines carefully – a natural beauty secret

Women’s magazines can destroy your natural sense of beauty and self-acceptance, so don’t read ones that feature pencil-thin models that are impossibly perfect. My favorite magazine is O because it encourages women to “be your best self” and offers tons of inspiration and information. How do you feel when you read women’s magazines?

Avoid magazines that make you feel dowdy and dumb, and choose magazines that make you feel inspired and empowered.

Do the work you love to feel and look beautiful

Dr. Debra Condren, author of Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word: A Woman’s Guide to Earning Her Worth and Achieving Her Dreams says, “Loving your work and unapologetically following your dreams is the secret beauty elixir women never hear about. Doing meaningful, challenging work will make you glow with an inner and outer beauty, which no cosmetic surgery or makeup can imitate.”

This is a wonderful tip for natural beauty: check in with yourself daily to stay in touch with your ambitions and desires. The more tuned in you are to what you really want out of work and life, the more beautiful you’ll be.

Get rid of home and office clutter to increase beauty?

“If you live in a cluttered environment, you tend to feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted,” says life coach Dana Korey. “How you feel affects your appearance. If you’re tired, depressed or anxious – common reactions to disorganization – then you’re not happy or approachable. If you feel organized and uncluttered, you’ll exude radiance and inner peace…and that’s something no cosmetic or makeup could ever duplicate. To look beautiful without makeup, learn how to live simply.

For more fun, creative beauty tips, read How to Feel Beautiful No Matter What You Look Like.

What’s your favorite way to look beautiful without makeup?


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