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How to Get a Promotion at Work – 7 Ways to Work Your Way Up

You don’t need to work yourself to death or kiss a$$ if you want to get promoted at work! These career tips will help you promote yourself, earn more money, and perhaps even retire early.

Before the tips, a quip:

“In the face of rising unemployment, the best thing employees can do is be prepared, financially and professionally,” says Ethan Ewing, president of

Whether the economy is solid or shaky, you need to protect your career and be prepared for anything: a job promotion or a layoff. These tips for getting a promotion will help increase your job security.

If you’re super-motivated to get promoted, Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why: 10 Things You’d Better Do If You Want to Get Ahead.

7 Tips for Getting Promoted at Work

This is a guest article, from a financial planner and president of

These tips are good, I think Why Doing a Good Job Won’t Get You Ahead at Work offers better tips for getting promoted at work.

Be appreciative at work

“Be grateful that you’re employed,” Ewing says. Don’t complain, gossip, or be negative at work. Adopt an “attitude of gratitude” will improve how others (including your supervisors) see you. The more you’re seen as someone who helps create a better work environment, the more secure your job will be.

Be indispensable

Come in early, stay late, volunteer for extra projects, and get the rest, nutrition, and exercise you need to stay productive at work. “No need to ‘brown-nose,’ but every day, ask yourself, ‘How can I be the best employee in this place today?'” Ewing suggests. “Watch for needs and meet them before you are asked to do so.”

Be aware of changes at work

Without parking yourself by the water cooler, pay attention to the rumor mill. If clients are fading into the woodwork, plant closings are rumored, the top managers are sending out signs or the word “bankruptcy” is uttered, your company could be in trouble.

Polish your resume

Does your resume reflect your current experience? Add recent achievements and professional involvements. If you see gaping holes, take a professional class, join a group, or otherwise fill in the gaps. Be prepared to explain why you deserve a job promotion at work — and possibly a salary or wage increase.

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Volunteer for extra responsibilities

Join a committee in your company, attend events hosted by the local chamber of commerce, become active in a professional organization, or donate time to the community. In every situation, be professional. If opportunities arise to mention your skills, don’t be shy! You never know who will be in a position to help you (or for you to return the favor) one day.

Conserve cash and pay off your debt

If your income is at risk in any way, pay your mortgage, student loans, car payment and other bills. Build an emergency fund to prepare for a rainy day. To get a work promotion and increase your job security, pay off as much debt as possible.

Live simply

Instead of shopping for fun, buying new clothes, or redecorating your home, learn to stay in, spend time with friends and family, and spend less money while you work your way up. Living simply helps you get a job promotion by reducing your stress level, which improves your job performance. The less stress you’re facing at home, the better an employee you’ll be at work.

If you want to resign but can’t, read How to Quit Your Job When You’re Scared.

And if you have any thoughts on getting a job promotion, please comment below…

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7 thoughts on “How to Get a Promotion at Work – 7 Ways to Work Your Way Up”

  1. I thanks for this great info. sadly I have been witness that all this 7 ideas are not meet either 10%. In an important Broward county hospital in Florida recently, a coworker that has a stressful personal life and tells everybody that pass close by to her got an excellent promotion. Other coworker who have not even bachelor degree, has minimum license level, takes frequently breaks as no one else and gossips in a pejorative way about our boss was promoted by the same boss!! And I would say there is more, more coworkers that have outstanding attitude and performance… But at the end this is real life.

  2. A workaround would be self-employment. If you are your own boss, why would you even need a promotion? You are the dominant figure and you have the power.

  3. Nothing is more frustrating than putting forth your best work at your job without receiving any recognition for it. A lot of individuals in the workforce believe that it is not proper or acceptable for them to approach their boss to ask for a job promotion; however, in some situations this can be the only way to achieve the recognition for the work that they are putting forward. There are also a lot of other tactics that can help an individual receive a job promotion. Thank you very much for sharing very valuable information about how to get a job promotion.

  4. Although a survey can predict something about the job market, you can’t rely on it to ensure you’ll be working in 6 months — or a week from now! The best way to increase your job security is to be the best employee you can. And, choose a career that is sustainable.

    Of course, nothing really guarantees you’ll be working forever.

  5. Very interesting!
    Incidentally I came across a survey to know how secure my job is in the next 6 months.Found it in a website called Job Compass.Worth a visit!