How to Get a Great Performance Appraisal at Work

Getting a performance appraisal you’re proud of is easier than you think! These career tips won’t help you bluff your way to a job promotion, but they will increase your job security and improve your chances of getting a raise.

Before the tips, a quip:

“What is it that you like doing?  If you don’t like it, get out of it, because you’ll be lousy at it.” ~ Lee Iacocca.

If you don’t like your job, then you’ll struggle to get a good (much less great!) performance appraisal at work. Maybe it’s time to quit and look for something you actually enjoy doing.

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How to Get a Great Performance Appraisal at Work

These are long-term career tips that will add up to a great employee evaluation — they’re not quick-fix ways to bluff your way through a performance appraisal.

Work through the worst of it – without complaining or spreading negativity

Every business goes through ups and downs, which means you’ll sometimes have to put in extra time. To improve your job performance at work, work hard when you’re needed – whether you’re paid extra or not. Complaining about a heavier work load or your employees not only makes you more difficult to be around, it damages your reputation at work.

Be the employee you’d hire over and over again

I’ve worked in several office jobs, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t always the employee I’d hire. Check your productivity levels, attitude at work, involvement in company functions, and overall employee presence. Would you give yourself a great performance appraisal? Fix your weaknesses, and focus on your strengths.

Stop watching the clock

Great employees don’t show up exactly on time (they show up early), and they don’t leave the minute the workday officially ends (which is what made me an employee I wouldn’t hire). This career tip isn’t about working overtime all the time…it’s about focusing on doing good work — not getting home exactly on time. Focusing on the quality of your work will increase your job satisfaction, which will automatically improve your work evaluations.

Keep up with your company’s news

Whether you’re working in a tiny office or huge corporation – make sure you know what’s happening at work! Staff changes, future plans, a new mission statement, special events…a great way to increase your job security is to be knowledgeable about your employer.

Don’t criticize your company, boss, or colleagues — even if you have terrible coworkers

I worked at the Red Robin restaurant for several years; my favorite manager got fired because he criticized the company in front of his staff. Whether you’re a supervisor or bottom rung employee, refrain from complaining about your job – especially to your coworkers!

If you work with difficult people, read 6 Tips for Negotiating Conflict at Work.

Attend staff functions – and behave yourself!

Some people don’t realize how important this career tip is – even though it revolves around your social behavior (not your work performance). Remember that drinking too much, wearing inappropriate clothes to staff parties, and negatively affecting how your colleagues see you outside the office can affect your job security. You’re representing your company – even when you’re at a party with your coworkers. Even if your supervisors aren’t around, they may hear the water cooler gossip.

Invest in yourself professionally, emotionally, and physically

Would it help your professional goals, your job satisfaction, or your work life if you had another degree, diploma, class, or certification? Consider your long-term career potential; if investing in yourself increases your job security (which will help you get a better performance appraisal), then find a way to make it work!

Here’s a good example: if you struggle to stay organized at work, you may need to take a workshop on decluttering paper clutter so you can perform your job better.

If you think doing a good job will get you promoted, you’re wrong! Read Why Doing a Good Job Won’t Get You Ahead at Work.

And if you’re ready for a career change, read How to Choose a New Career When You’re Over 40.

If you have any tips for getting great performance appraisals at work, please comment below…

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1 thought on “How to Get a Great Performance Appraisal at Work”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I actually got a fantastic work appraisal a couple weeks ago! I was worried about it, but it turned out well. I didn’t realize that simply doing your job cheerfully and enthusiastically can impress your boss – possibly because many employees aren’t cheerful or enthusiastic.

    I should write another article about this. If you have any tips for me, let me know – I’ll include you and your blog or website link!