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How to Find New Friends After Moving to a New City

These tips on how to find new friends after moving to a new city may help. And if they don’t help with finding new friends, you can tell me what would help in the comments section below!

Before the tips, a quip:

“I’ll lean on you and you lean on me and we’ll be okay.” ~Dave Matthew’s Band.

While you’re finding new friends, remember that you can lean on your old friends — even after you move to a new city. If you find it hard to find new friends, a book like How Kids Make Friends: Secrets for Making Lots of Friends, No Matter How Shy You Are may help alot.

And, here are a few tips for making friends after the Big Move to a New Place…

Finding New Friends After a Move to a New City

If you’re not a teenager, you’ll find How to Meet Friends When You’re 40+ more interesting and helpful.

Few people choose to uproot their lives and move to a new town or city. You leave behind a group of friends or a best friend that you have known for years. And if you’re in your tweens (the age between a child and a teenager), you may find it very difficult to say goodbye to childhood friends and surround yourself with strangers in a new school. The future may look bleak and lonely, but these friendship tips will help.

Since you haven’t had to find new friends for a long time, you may have lost the “friend making skill.” These tips will help you find new friends after you move to a new house.

Give iPhones, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter a break

As a Tween you need to develop in-person friendships with kids your own age. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and iPhones make it easy to stay connected with your old friends, but you want to find new friends! Don’t live in a shell of texting friends, living on the internet and playing games on their Wii, Xbox and Playstations. When you move to a new city, the chances that you will retreat into a shell increases. At some point you will have to leave the safe and familiar friendships, take a risk, and make new friends face-to-face.

Recognize the first signs of a new friendship

When you arrive at a new school, put your feelers out. Kids will approach you wanting to know who you are and what you are like. Some will lose interest and others will stick around – they’re your possible new friends. The friendship progresses as you pass notes to one another, throw pens and pencils back and forth, and even save places at lunchtime. Learning to see these friendship signs is how to find new friends after moving to a new city.

Hang out with your new-found friends after school

The next step to finding new friends is to exchange phone numbers and make plans for short outings. My suggestions are a donut and hot chocolate, or grabbing a burger and fries. Bowling, swimming or a movie at the theatre are excellent ways to spend time with new friends in a new city. After you find a new friend, only spend one to two hours with her at a time. This eliminates any awkwardness that an extended time would present.

Remember that finding new friends is about trust

Now that you are starting to get to know each other, you can invite the person over to your house. It shows a certain amount of trust to let a new friend into your private life! You both will start to goof off and show each other more relaxed personalities within the safe walls of your homes. Make sure your room is reasonably clean; nobody wants to sit in a pile of dirty laundry or watch the nearest science experiment of leftovers grow. Offer snacks and plan things to do: video games, raiding the fridge, movies, talking about cute kids at school.

And most importantly: be yourself and have fun!

Written by Georgina Bourdeau, a Victoria-based freelance writer, Early Childhood Educator and mother of six who writes articles for magazines and online. She also wrote Planning a Birthday Party? 8 Tips for Fun Parties for Kids, for Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals.

What do you think of these tips on how to find new friends after moving to a new city? I welcome your comments – big and little – below.

If you’re shy with new people, learning how to overcome social anxiety may help with making friends.

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    How to Meet Friends When You’re 40+

    I hope it helps, and would love to hear back from you. Are my tips for finding new friends after moving to a new city helpful? It’s okay if they’re not – I always like feedback, both good and bad!