3 Ways to Build Enough Confidence to Date Wealthy Men

These tips for dating wealthy men aren’t superficial – they’re about increasing your self-confidence and cultivating your independence as a woman.

“Like with anything in life, there are specific steps you can take to boost your self-esteem and walk comfortably in the world of wealth and power,” says author and dating expert Veronica Monet.

Here, she shares tips on increasing self-love and building healthy relationships that will change how you see life and yourself. The bonus? You may attract and date the man of your dreams. And why not? “You can fall in love with a rich man as easily as a poor man.” – Unknown.

I think some women are intimidated by wealthy men, which makes them less likely to attract them. If this is you, these dating tips will help you overcome feelings of inferiority.

Monet wrote Veronica Monet’s Secrets of Escorts — she worked as an expensive escort for almost 15 years (and charged $2,500 an hour!). In her intimate, funny, no-holds-barred book she shares both anecdotes and secrets from being an escort.

Here are her tips for dating wealthy men – they’re not racy, but they can change your life.

3 Tips for Attracting and Dating Wealthy Men

“My place is not to judge, but to inform,” says Monet. “And since all relationships have some economic dimension to them (for instance, we leave our children with an inheritance when we die and our pets love us primarily because we feed them) I would rather bring the economic aspects of dating out in the open where you can honestly decide what you want, why you want it, and how you are going to get it.”

If you’re too shy to date anyone (much less a wealthy man!), Veronica’s tips will help.

Believe you’re worth it

You need to know the difference between greed and personal self-worth.  No matter how much your wealthy man spends on you, don’t be too impressed because you should know that you are worth it.  On the other hand, don’t take his generosity for granted!  Be sure to express genuine gratitude because his efforts deserve proper acknowledgement.  And if he seems a bit too generous, show some class and decline a gift once in awhile.

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Don’t be afraid to disagree

dating wealthy menTruly powerful and wealthy men enjoy challenges; most of them will value a companion who doesn’t tell them what they want to hear.  After all, everyone else is kowtowing to him!  You want to stand out as the unique flower you are: feisty and flirtatious and fun.

The trick is knowing how to disagree without being offensive or rude. You need to speak your mind honestly, without insulting the person you disagree with. This isn’t just a tip for dating wealthy men, it’s a rule to live by.

Cultivate your intellect and independent spirit

If you pursue life without the expectation that a wealthy man will date and rescue, you become free, happy, and attractive. You need to be completely content when you are by yourself. If you are actively pursuing your own passions, then you will begin to attract men who embody these attributes.  Cultivating the characteristics that are attractive to wealthy men will help you be successful in your own right.

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For more information about this love and dating expert, visit Veronica Monet.

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3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Build Enough Confidence to Date Wealthy Men”

  1. Great tips! It’s true, you have to at least boost some confidence for yourself in order to get a date with a wealthy man. You have to show some personality at least when you wish to date someone wealthy. Show them you are confident and interesting. Keep it up!

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for the extra dating tip! Becoming what your soul really desires not only attracts men (and all sorts of good people), it makes you a happy, fulfilled, peaceful person.

  3. Thanks for those great tips

    Tip number four for dating a rich guy: Become what your soul really desires: Pure LOVE – this will magnetically attract men!