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How Much Should You Tell Your Fiancé About Your Past?

You’re in love, but you’re worried your fiancé or partner will leave or think less of you if you tell him everything about your past.

If so, you’re not alone…

“This month I am getting married to my fiancé,” says Shefali on How to Make Your Second Marriage Successful. “Should I tell him about my previous marriage [which ended by mutual agreement after one month]? If yes, then when? I’m positive he won’t find out about my past in the future.”

Yes, I think she should tell her fiancé about her previous husband because that is a huge, important experience she’s had. It’s not a “little” life experience like kissing her cousin or stealing a pair of jeans when she was 12 or having a fling with a guy she met when she hitchhiked throughFrance. A previous marriage isn’t something a woman should hide from her fiancé.

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How Much Should You Tell Your Fiancé About Your Past?

These are a few general thoughts on how much you should disclose about your past. Everyone’s situation is different – only you know your fiancé’s personality, values, and habitual ways of responding to you and others.

I am writing from a Canadian woman’s perspective. Shefali, who asked how much she should tell her fiancé about her past, is an Indian woman who comes from a traditional background and culture. What I believe about revealing one’s past has a lot to do with my North American culture, and it may not be the right answer for a woman who was born and raised in traditionalIndia.

If you’re still getting to know your fiancé – and the wedding is fast approaching – read 8 Signs of the Perfect Boyfriend for You.

Ask yourself why you want to hide your past from your fiancé

People hide their pasts for various reasons: fear of rejection, shame, embarrassment, fear of judgment, reluctance to face up to their mistakes and choices, and plain old laziness. It’s easier to pretend the past doesn’t exist than it is to actually have to deal with it!

My mom is awfully schizophrenic, and I was always humiliated and ashamed to tell people about her. I thought they’d think less of me, so I hide everything about her. If one of my friends caught a glimpse of her, I’d deny she was my mother (she wore dirty, torn, baggy clothes, most of her teeth are missing, she was overweight, and she had long black hair). My husband hasn’t even met her yet – but that’s because we live far apart geographically, not because I’m ashamed. Now that I’m 42 years old, I care less what people think – and I know my husband will love me regardless. Also, my mom doesn’t travel and I didn’t see the value in us traveling all the way over to her province for a meeting. What good would it do? I talk to her every two weeks, but she’s not part of my life the way a normal mother is.

I hid my past because I was ashamed to reveal who I really was  and where I come from. I didn’t trust my friends or boyfriends to accept me for who I was. I didn’t tell anything about my childhood because I hadn’t accepted it myself.

You tell me: was I wrong for keeping my mom a secret? What does that say about me, my self-confidence, my friends, my perspective on life?

Ask yourself what type of marriage you want

Are you okay with your fiancé keep secrets from you? Are you okay with being married to someone who you can’t tell everything to? Are you okay with suppressing part of your life, about living a lie for the length of your marriage? Then yes, you should keep your secrets, hide your past, and not share your life.

But, if you want an open, honest, trusting, mutually accepting relationship, then I think you should tell your fiancé about your past. Especially if it’s a previous marriage! I think he has the right to know you’ve taken this step once before.

If you’re not sure how your fiancé will react if you tell him about your past, read How to Know if You Should Marry the Guy You’re Engaged to.

Remember that who you are is a result of what you’ve done

You’ve come a long way, baby – you’ve learned and grown, achieved and succeeded. You’ve also failed and made mistakes. Everything you’ve done has made you what you are today: smarter, wiser, more self-confident, and more insightful.

So, there is nothing you need to be ashamed of. Your experiences have made you who you are, and you should be proud of who you are. You’re allowed to make mistakes, impulsive decisions, and stupid choices. We all do – if we’re living life to the fullest!

If you’re happy with who you are, then you should tell your partner everything about your past – both good and bad.

Please feel free to share your thoughts below — will you tell your fiancé all your secrets and everything you’ve done? I can’t offer advice, but you may find it helpful to share your experience.


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4 thoughts on “How Much Should You Tell Your Fiancé About Your Past?”

  1. I don’t see how you can marry someone and not tell them you were married before. That is huge!!! Where is the honesty in your relationship? No one is perfect. We all make mistakes,and if he can’t understand that then maybe you shouldn’t marry him.

  2. Hi I’m a 35 year old woman single parent. To cut the story short I got back with a man I was in love with 15 years. Before we broke up we had fun we where young we use to party. When I met him again this time I noticed he lost everything. Nothing makes sense to him anymore he stays in a shack that stinks. He’s renting his house out he is about to loose his job. He told me he doesn’t take orders from anyone he is saying we will talk about life. He is a mess I think he might be an addict. I want to help him quit please help me if you can . I want yo build a life with him . I’m so hurt with his situation.

    1. You might be biting off more than you can chew. You were apparently much younger when you were together. It seems to me that you really don’t know this man. He could be an addict? If he is you are putting yourself and your child in danger. If he is depressed or an addict he needs to get professional help. You can’t be his savior. Don’t let your feelings take control of your common sense. It will cause destruction every time. Bless You.

  3. I believe people have a right to guard embarrassing secrets or secrets that might hurt the one they love or damage the relationship.
    Getting married and divorced in a month is a huge mistake no one likes to reveal. It could imply a lot of terrible character traits that just aren’t true. A person has a right to just bury some foolish things they did and get on with life.
    Of course there is always the chance that the spouse will find out and feel betrayed. All you can to then is explain to them what I have written above. Only a fool speaks every thought in his head. A right to a secret is not the same thing as dishonesty. However, that secret should not be something that could hurt another now. That’s my opinion.