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How Money Problems Can Improve – Not Ruin – Your Marriage

Can a married couple’s financial struggles and money problems improve their marriage? “You better believe it!” says therapist Gilda Carle, Ph.D. Here are ten ways money problems can make your love life better (and bring things down)….

“When money is removed from the table, love becomes its own currency,” says Dr Carle, author of Don’t Bet on the Prince: How to Have the Man You Want by Betting on Yourself. “This is great news for relationships. Amid the doom and gloom, sizzling passion can build. And the “us against the economy” interaction creates an unflappable bond.” 

For more tips about “us against the economy” read, The Back to Basics Book of Money!: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Peace. And, here are ten ways money problems can improve your marriage and love life…

How Money Problems Can Improve – Not Ruin – Your Marriage

1. Money problems force married couples to redefine romance. Money problems can lead you to interpret romance differently. Instead of expensive dating, choose significant conversation. Walk in the park and talk by the water because you like hearing what your partner has to say. Learn how to t0 talk about money without fighting.
2. Money problems can encourage married couples to spend more time together – and laugh more. Replace a fancy vacation with a “staycation” at home, watching funny movies and laughing. Laughter’s contagion reduces stress hormones and increases health – and can block the negative news. Laughter is relationship glue – especially for couples with money problems.
3. Money problems incite creativity. Invent entertaining activities that don’t require money, and you’ll improve your marriage! Playing board games, cooking together and comparing books are inexpensive ways to improve your love life without spending a lot of money. Become unguarded, vulnerable and approachable.
4. Money problems force you to deal with your finances. Once you start dealing with your money problems, you’ll improve your marriage because you have to start solving your problems together, as a couple.  For help with money matters, read 8 Money Management Tips for Couples.


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What do you think of Dr Carle’s ways money problems can improve your marriage? Is the doctor out to lunch? 🙂 Your comments are welcome below…

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1 thought on “How Money Problems Can Improve – Not Ruin – Your Marriage”

  1. Money buys happiness after all, say researchers from the University of British Columbia and the Harvard Business School. In March 2008, professor and lead study author Elizabeth Dunn found that buying gifts for others and making charitable donations significantly improves happiness levels (unless you and your partner already have money and debt problems!)

    Spending money on yourself decreases feelings of happiness.

    “We wanted to test our theory that how people spend their money is at least as important as how much money they earn,” said Dr Dunn. Their theory proved correct. “Regardless of how much income each person made, those who spent money on others reported greater happiness.”

    To test happiness levels, the researchers conducted two separate investigations: a survey and an experiment.

    Both investigations revealed that the participants who spent money on others reported feeling happier at the end of the day than those who spent the money on themselves. Plus, participants didn’t have to give away huge amounts of money to feel happy. Dr Dunn says, “These findings suggest that very minor alterations in spending allocations – as little as $5 – may be enough to produce real gains in happiness on a given day.”

    Source: University of British Columbia (2008, March 21). Money Buys Happiness When You Spend On Others, Study Shows. ScienceDaily.

    When you do get out of debt as a couple, start spending little bits of money on each other.