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Pet Loss eBooks – to Help You Let Go of an Animal You Love

Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog

The grief, loneliness, and regret of saying goodbye to a beloved dog or cat is surprisingly painful. You never “get over” the loss of a pet! You shared your home, heart and life with this animal – who gave you unconditional love, joy and trust. You’ll never forget, but you will feel better. 

It hurts to say goodbye. You’re not prepared, and you feel worse than you ever imagined. I’ve lost two dogs and four cats, and each goodbye was uniquely painful. But I learned how to soften the pain and heal the jagged bits of my soul. I’m here to help you.

Kitty Comfort Coping With Cat Loss

Life without your pet is a sad adjustment of heart and home. Whether your loss was planned or accidental, you’re grieving the end of a season of your life…and you’ll never be the same.

You’ll find companionship, hope, and healing here. You’ll hear from fellow animal lovers who know exactly how heartbreaking pet loss is…and you’ll be comforted with reassurances that your dog or cat is resting in peace.

Take heart, for you are not alone.

These comforting, encouraging guidebooks are pdf files that are easy to read on any device – and they’re only $2.99 US.

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Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog

A gift for you: when you buy one of my pet loss ebooks, you get the other one at no charge. Simply send me an email and tell me which one you bought; I’ll send you the other one for free.

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Kitty Comforts: Help and Hope for Coping With the Loss of Your Cat


It’s time to start healing and letting go. You’ll never forget your beloved dog or cat, but you will feel less alone. You won’t “get over it”, but you will feel less burdened by grief, guilt, or regret. Your heart will heal, your spirits will lift, and your soul will lighten.

When you order your copy, you’ll get my personal email address. You can contact me directly with questions or concerns. I also offer a money-back guarantee – so if you aren’t happy with your ebook, I’ll refund your money.


Table of Contents

The three most important parts of recovering from pet loss are accepting, remembering, and healing. Each section of this ebook contains 5 chapters of fresh insights, suggestions, and activities. You’ll learn how to accept your loss, remember with less pain and more acceptance, and heal your heart.


Part 1: Accepting Your Loss

  1. Reject the Myth That “Time Heals All Wounds”
  2. Understand Why Pet Loss Hurts So Much
  3. Explore Practical Ways to Cope With Regret
  4. Learn How to Deal With Guilty Feelings
  5. Surrender to Your Emotions – the Whole Catastrophe


Part 2: Remembering Your Pet

  1. Honor Your Pet’s Memory
  2. Choose Your Companions Carefully
  3. Say Goodbye to Your Pet Without Falling to Pieces
  4. Create Peace and Comfort in Your Home
  5. Listen for the Roar of Something Greater


Part 3: Healing Your Heart

  1. Learn How to Forgive Yourself
  2. Face Your Grief and Let Go of the Pain
  3. Pay Attention to Your Progress
  4. Rest in the Peace of a Healing Heart
  5. Find Out How the Story Ends


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Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog


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Kitty Comforts: Help and Hope for Coping With the Loss of Your Cat


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8 thoughts on “Pet Loss eBooks – to Help You Let Go of an Animal You Love”

  1. I had to take my 14 year old cat in to be euthanized this morning. He was 14. I feel so guilty because he could have lived alot longer if I had taken action when he first started telling me what was wrong. A year ago he would jump in bed with me and started touching my face, my mouth actually, with his paw. He scratched me and it hurt and I told him to stop. Sometimes I would push him out of the bed. I didnt know why he kept doing that but it annoyed me greatly. The thought did cross my mind that maybe he was trying to tell me something in my mouth was wrong – or his. I pushed those thoughts away. He persisted. Four weeks ago he started losing weight and continued losing weight, but he ate and drank more than usual. Since he was 14, I thought hes old, he wont be around much longer (though my previous cat lived to 19). I knew something was wrong with him. I thought kidney failure or some other major medical problem that I would have to pay a fortune for just to prolong his life a little more. I couldn’t afford it. I read two books trying to pinpoint what he had, but all that did was confuse me. The night before last. He looked horrible and he stopped eating. Yesturday he stopped drinking. I was going to have someone drive me to the vets to put him down but they talked me into waiting till after work today. Well, I never made it to work because I was up all night forced to listen to my cat crying and trying to find the strength to get up and walk. I KNEW there were emergency vets I could take him to but I DIDNT. I fell asleep thinking he would die before morning. I couldn’t afford $300 for euthanization. When I awoke he had managed to crawl across the room and he was laying there silent. Still alive. I put him in his carrier, called the nearest vet, and took him in and he was put down. I HATE myself for everything! I forgot about his teeth possibly decaying but yesturday when his eyes kept getting glued shut from discharge, I should have been able to realize it was infection from his teeth!!! I cant stop crying. It is ALL my fault! My poor baby. My poor poor baby who told me but I wouldn’t hear. I want to die.

  2. Our family consisted of myself, my son, and our two cats who were litter mates. My son was seven when we chose two beautiful kittens from a shelter. Fifteen years later, we recently lost one to cancer. We tried so hard to save her, but the treatments did not work, and the side effects stressed her out. Although the vet was willing to keep trying, she acknowledged that any further treatment was unlikely to be effective. So we euthanized. It was the first time I had seen my now 22-year-old son cry since he was much younger. If only I had known that the treatments would be ineffective…but my son had said that he wanted her to live…Did I make the right choices/ Our remaining cat now spends much time in her sister’s favorite spots. I wonder if she is looking for her sister, but prefer to think that her sister’s spirit has entered her. I miss her deeply, and find it additionally difficult to know how painful this was for my son and possibly for her sister. I have lost pets before, including ones I grew up with. Some were harder to lose than others. This one seems to be the hardest so far. I want her back.

  3. Please don’t feel guilt or remorse about your cats passing. She knew she was loved. Definitely. She waited for you until she passed. It doesn’t matter whether you tired to give her water….that’s a natural reaction. But she waited for you….before she left this mortal coil. Cats have a 6th sense so even when we think we’re not ‘good enough’ they can sense our hearts and souls. I knew my cat was not going to be with me for long…even told friends I’ll be surprised if she last until midnight. I’m sure some thought I was being dramatic. She died at 4:45pm. But because I thought I was losing her I had a chat with her two days before….tears rolling down my face….while I told her I knew she was going soon….thanked her for all the love…then she put her paw on my cheek…and I knew she knew…and in that moment I felt she was telling me “I’ve loved you too”.

    I only shared that story with 2 friends…..in case I got a negative trivial response…which would have brought out the worst in me! The pain is real…it’s gonna take time. But please don’t allow misplaced guilt to stop you from healing. You loved and were loved. That’s a blessing in itself. Little KNEW she was loved. Cats chose us.

  4. Hi Laurie,
    I just purchased Kitty Comforts. Thank you for writing it. It’s so comforting to have a guide like you to walk me through these agonizing feelings of sadness and remorse. I’ve loved and lost several pets in my lifetime, but this one, my sweet petite kitty ‘Little’, was the last one. No other pet at home, as I had before, when other pet’s time on earth was complete. So the emptiness is more profound than before. I understand it was her time, 17 years old… but it was my choices & actions and their results that give me the most pain. The last week of her life, while my intention was always and only to help her, decisions & choices that I made, now in hindsight, were not the right ones. At least that’s what I believe. Hindsight is always 20/20, right? I gave her way too much subQ fluids, not realizing how fast it went in. And she was turning to look at me, and meowing at me like “WHAT are you DOING??” That seemed to srart a downward slide. She was weaker after that… would take a few steps, then have to sit and resr. I took her for blood tests, and it put iher into stress, all weak. But she perked up. Took her for an ultra sound- she hated it. But it did show nodes in her digestive tract. She jumped on my white couch and had just been in dirt so I made her jump off and I think that may have hurt her, not sure. I think different choices would have had better results. Instead of helping, they made her worse. My wise friend says that the way things happened is the way it was to happen. There could be no other way. But I feel I interfered with the Universe’s way with my attempted ‘help’, and if I hadn’t, she’d have had more time and a maybe better exit. And I’m regretting big time a decision I came to of going away for a day and a half to a wedding, with my friend staying with her. (It was a difficult back and forth decision, to go or not go) and now SO wishing I hadn’t. It is clear now that what I really really wanted was be with her no matter what. It just rips me up. I even took an earlier flight home to get back to her quicker, (lots more $ but I didn’t care about that…funny how when you really need to do something, the money doesn’t matter) and THAT flight was delayed. Divine intervention for some reason? Did she need time away from me to disconnect? But my friend had left in the afternoon and there was a 4 hour span that Little was alone. It just kills me. Did she think I abandoned her? Was she in pain? I so wish I was there.
    She waited for me to return, and died minutes after in my arms. And in the final seconds I thought ‘oh maybe she’s thirsty’ and tried to get her to drink some water… how stupid is that?? did that cause her to go faster?? Why didn’t I just hold her and love her and look in her eyes?? Panic I guess. Trying to ‘revive’ her. And I think the panic (after flying and traipsing thru airports all day with NO control on how fast I could get home) the panic was because I didn’t take a moment …take a breath…to get centered, aligned, calm, to hear divine spirit. And like you mentioned in your e book, I am ‘normally’ a very conscientious person, with great attentionto detail. But in this last week, was somewhat not in my right mind. ‘If only’. I wish I could go back and choose & do differently. I keep replaying the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’…rewriting the script, feeling tortured, not at peace. It’s somewhat comforting that there are so many similar feelings from all of you— makes me see this is part of what we do… maybe it’s the bargaining piece. I look forward to reading your books and having a path to follow and a knowing friend to guide me…to help me let her go, make peace with what is, and remember her with the joy and love that she gave me every moment.
    I know there are many kitty’s in the world that need homes, and I will need a kitty. But for right now, I will work to accept what is rather than yearning for what was is the way forward. I will begin with your book.

  5. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest things you’ll ever face. I am so sorry for your loss. It never gets easier, and our dogs and cats will always be part of our lives!
    Give yourself time to grieve. Share memories of your pet. Practice “active grieving”, which means working through the pain instead of avoiding or suppressing it.
    And, know that you’ll never get over the loss of your dog or cat. You just learn how to live without them. It helps me to know I’m not alone, and that the dogs and cats I’ve loved and lost are in Heaven. We’ll meet up with them again one day, spirit to spirit! In the meantime, we must heal our hearts and move forward in faith and courage.
    In sympathy,

  6. I ran over my faithful dog and angel of almost 20 years Tuesday morning. I feel so guilty and heartbroken. I loved CC so much and can’t believe I did that. She’s been my companion and barn and pasture buddy forever.

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