Halloween Party Food Tips – From Cookies to Pumpkins

Not just pirate decorations! These ideas for Halloween party food, decorations, and trick or treating on October 31 range from gothic skull lamps to bags of skeleton bones.

Before the tips, a quip:

“At first cock-crow the ghosts must go; Back to their quiet graves below.” ~ Theodosia Garrison.

Graveyards are more of an outdoor Halloween decoration than an indoor one — but a hand coming out of the earth is a great way to light up the table!

If you’re going to a Halloween party and don’t have time to make bloody lady fingers, check out the hand decorated Halloween cookies pictured. They’re a yummy Amazon treat, and don’t require you to get your hands or kitchen dirty!

Another easy Halloween party food idea is a Halloween Jack o Lantern Gift Basket. It’s fun, and contains a variety of Halloween party food treats.

Halloween Party Food Tips – From Cookies to Pumpkins

Halloween cookies. Make basic vanilla shortbread cookies, and ice them with black and orange icing. This icing also works for Halloween cupcakes, cakes, and cinnamon buns. Or, make vanilla and chocolate gingerbread cookies with a Halloween Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit decorations for October 31. You could also make a variety of scary cookies, such as bats, tombstones, ghosts, pumpkins, or spiders.

Halloween healthy suppers and lunches. Fill up on healthy food before the Halloween party or trick or treating – but make it fun! The Sassafras Alien Pizza Mini Kits are great for birthdays, holidays, themed parties. The kit includes: pizza crust mix that turns green, paper hat, purple pizza sauce, wooden spoon, and a rolling pin. This is a great Halloween party food to make with your kids — and you can sneak a few veggies into the pizza sauce, too!

Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas

Can you tell I’m not a chef or a cook? I don’t have the time or patience to make elaborate Halloween party food. I barely have time to bake cookies for book club!

If I had to take snacks to a Halloween party, I’d buy cookies or caramel apples from a store. Sorry if you were expecting more – but if you’re throwing a Halloween party, I have rounded up some decorating ideas!

Ideas for Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween candles. Apples are a fantastic idea for candle holders. Small, round apples with small round holes cut in the top can securely hold taper candles. Make sure that the apples are sturdy and have flat bottoms, so they don’t tip over. You could also cut the bottom third off the apple, so it’s secure. If lit candles aren’t your thing, click on the battery-operated Jack O’Lantern Halloween candle in the picture. Or, get a orange glass candle holders with pumpkin, bat and spider designs.

Halloween skeletons. What’s a party or haunted house without a scary skeleton? Homemade paper skeletons are good indoor Halloween party decorations because they don’t take up a lot of room. All you need is white card stock, a skeleton pattern, scissors, paper fasteners, a marker, and a glue stick. This is a great Halloween activity to do with your kids – or even the “inner child” in your adult friends and family! Or, get a bag of skeleten bones from Amazon.com, which you can arrange any way you want.

Halloween music. What’s a Halloween party without Halloween Party Hits? The right music sets the tone for the whole night. Contemporary songs for Halloween include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Or, go for the old haunting musical scores, such as the theme music from the movie Psycho or Dracula.

For more Halloween music ideas, read The Best Halloween Movies – 43 Popular Horror Films.

Trick or Treating on October 31

Walkie talkies. If your kids are going trick or treating, a great Halloween idea is to give them walkie talkies. This way, they can keep in touch with each other – or with you – with minimal fuss. Make sure your kids don’t cut through back alleys or fields when out trick or treating, and make sure they stay in populated places and well lit areas. Kids who are trick or treating should have a flashlight, battery-operated Jack O’Lantern, or some other way to light themselves up. The more visible they are, the safer they’ll be on October 31.

Halloween flashlights. Flashlights or battery-powered Jack O’Lanterns aren’t just good for kids who are trick or treating (and help drivers see kids in dark costumes), they can double as spooky Halloween party decorations. Halloween flashlights are great for kids’ parties on October 31.

Jack O’Lanterns.light up Jack-O’-Lantern is great for lighting up your walkway or porch steps for kids trick or treating on October 31. Kids can also carry it to Halloween parties at school or with their friends – and it helps drivers see kids in dark costumes. If you’d prefer a homemade jack o’lantern for Halloween, they are easy to make.

Check out the Cool Gothic Light-Up Skull Lamp on Amazon if you’re tired of thinking about Halloween party food ideas.

If you have any ideas for Halloween party food or indoor Halloween party decorations, please share them below!

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