Easy to Make Halloween Costumes for Non-Crafty People

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This is the easiest Halloween costume ever! (image by goldberg, via flickr)

From Mona Lisa to an outlaw, these easy to make Halloween costumes are perfect for people who don’t like crafts! Finding costume ideas you can make at home is one of the best parts of Halloween.

These costumes are for women and girls. If you need to make a Halloween costume for a man or boy, read Easy Men’s Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home.

And remember that gender doesn’t matter when you’re dressing up for Halloween! You can be anything you want on October 31. That’s the beauty (and gore) of Halloween.

One way to find interesting costume ideas is to browse the Halloween Costumes at BuyCostumes.com. You may not be able to make those costumes – they’re difficult even for crafty people! – but you may see something you like.

And here are a few Halloween costumes you can make at home…

Easy to Make Halloween Costumes

Ghost: Here’s how to make the easiest Halloween costume in the world: get a white sheet, cut holes for your eyes. I’d draw a big fat smiley face with a black Magic Marker, and probably add some wrinkles around my eyes. I’d be a happy ghost.

Internet Bride: Get an old wedding dress from a thrift store – or borrow mine. It’s been hanging in my closet for almost 9 years, and it needs to be worn! Stick a bunch of address labels all over it, along with a bunch of stamps. You’re an internet bride, all the way from wherever internet brides originated.

Martha Stewart: If you don’t know what she looks like, do a quick Google Images search. See her flannel shirts, loose khaki pants, and flat shoes? Don’t tell me you don’t have those at home! You can wear an apron and maybe even a chef’s hat (though she doesn’t wear a chef’s hat). This is an ironic easy to make Halloween costume, because Martha Stewart is as crafty as they come! In more ways than one.

Medicine Chest: This is so easy  – wear white pants and a white t-shirt (or turtle neck if it’s cold out). Go through your medicine cabinet, and gather things you can glue all over your body. Toothpaste tube, razors, combs, Q-tips, cough syrup boxes, vitamins, tampons – this is one of the easiest Halloween costumes you can make at home.

Mona Lisa: All you need for this costume is a long, black wig (straight hair). Carry around an empty picture frame. When people ask what you’re dressed up as, simply hold up the frame and smile mysteriously. When they ask again who the heck you are, say “I’m the most famous painting in the world.”

Mummy Mommy: Here are two easy to make Halloween costumes in one: be nine months pregnant (or put a pillow under your shirt if you’re not pregnant), and wrap yourself in gauze. You’re a mummy mommy-to-be! You can paint your face white if you want — or just wrap your head in gauze.

Old Bag: This Halloween costume is definitely for non-crafty people – and for people who don’t mind not being politically correct. Wear a big green garbage bag – one in which you’ve already made holes for your arms and legs. Put on a gray wig, or dye your hair gray. Use black eyeliner to give yourself more wrinkles (’cause I know you have them!), and get a walk from your gramma. You’re an old bag!

For more Halloween costumes to make at home, read 11 Dress Up Ideas From Your Closet.

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  1. I just updated this Halloween article, and think the ghost is the best costume :-) Talk about easy to make, and you don’t have to wear make up!

  2. Aaron@ClownFacePaint

    This is one impressive website. I’ve bookmarked it since it has given me some inspiring ideas, not to mention there’s a lot of great costume info and choices to browse through. Amazing job…thanks for sharing your ideas and have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Some very unique ideas you’ve provided here. Thanks for inspiring the creativity in me for creating my Halloween costume this year… and so on. Hilarious!

  4. Wow, the picture above looked scary. I hope you can post some more pictures because I want to see a sample of the rest of the costumes. Videos would also be better just like what I have seen at lady gaga halloween costumes which features her. Thanks.