Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Couples

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas Homemade Halloween Costumes
Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Couples

These costume ideas for couples on Halloween will inspire you, but they won’t overwhelm you with complicated crafts, sewing, or costume-making. You don’t have get complicated to create a classy Halloween costume for couples!

Here’s the quip that always makes me think of telling stories on Halloween:

“Clothes make a statement.  Costumes tell a story.” ~ Mason Cooley.

And here’s an idea for a “his and hers” costume: The Muppets Couples Costume –  Miss Piggy & Kermit on Add a twist, and make HIM Miss Piggy and HER Kermit the Frog! How’s that for a story?

On to the Halloween costumes for couples…

Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Couples

Lady and the Tramp. This isn’t the kids’ story of the dogs Lady and Tramp the dog – it’s a rich queen-princess woman with a “dirty bum.” And by that I mean a street person, not a real a$$! She dresses up in her fanciest dress, and he wears dirty, torn, stinky clothes. How did you end up as a couple – what story does your costume tell?

Nurse Ratchet and Her “Basket Case.” Have you seen or read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? One of you dresses up as the mean, spiteful Nurse Ratchet and the other is the basket case. How do you make a basket case costume? Either by wearing a big basket on your head, or by pinning little baskets all over your clothes. Where you get all those baskets, I don’t know…but this is definitely a couples Halloween costume that tells a story!

Born to Be Wild – Before and After: Here’s the “before”: one of you dresses like a baby with a diaper, bonnet, bib, and baby rattle. The other is the Wild One (the “after”) – she dresses like a biker with a leather jacket, red bandana, and biker boots. Does this Halloween costume require imagination? You better believe it – which is why it’s a story in itself!

If you want to tell a story that has already been written, read Book Character Costumes – Dress Up as a Literary Character. Every costume tells a story – and there are some ideas for couples.

Nuts and Bolts: This Halloween costume for couples can be either the food or the tools. It’s up to you to decide who’s nuts, though! One of you wears the nuts all over your body – glue different types of nuts to your clothes – and the other dresses up as “bolts” for Halloween. This can be lightening bolts, or the physical bolts that you use to hold your car together. To be honest, I’m not sure what the story is behind this costume for couples.

Princess and the Pea: Instead of the fairy tale story with her being the princess and him being a pain in the bed, put the beautifull dress on him and a big fat green letter “P” on her! This costume tells a story, doesn’t it? Perfect for when you’re going to a costume party and one of you wants to dress up.

If these Halloween costumes for couples didn’t catch your eye, go to the

Halloween Costume Ideas on

For more costume ideas, read Easy Men’s Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home.

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