Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

It won’t take you alot of time to find the right Halloween costume for your girl with these ideas! These girls Halloween costumes range from broken dolls to sugar and spice.

Girls Halloween Costume IdeasThe pink Supergirl Halloween costume is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages — and if you have time and sewing skills, you could do it yourself at home.

Some of the best girls costumes are from the classic stories. Read Literature and Book Character Costumes for Halloween for ideas from storybooks.

Halloween isn’t just about costumes for girls – it’s about black cats pumpkins, and luck! “When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.” But Halloween doesn’t have to be about unlucky black cats, scary witches, and bad luck — it can be about cute costumes made of sugar and spice and everything nice for girls! Here are a few ideas for homemade costumes for girls…

Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

These Halloween costume ideas for girls aren’t your traditional witches, princesses, or ghosts. They’re a little more generic than that, and would probably work for boys’ Halloween costumes, too.

In fact, if your girl doesn’t want a traditional “girls Halloween costume”, read Boys Halloween Costumes – Homemade Halloween Ideas.

What are Little Girls Made Of?

Take sugar and spice and everything nice, and pin or paste them to your daughter’s princess dress. I have to admit that this homemade Halloween costume is easier as a “What are little boys made of?” (frogs and snails and puppy dog tails).

Not a Happy Camper

Wear a camp t-shirt and cargo shorts. Tear holes and burn the edges of the clothes, then attach leaves and sticks, burnt and melted marshmallows and fake bugs to her clothes. Tease her hair; add melted marshmallows and fake welts and insect bites to exposed skin. For more effect, attach a rubber snake to her ankle as if being bit! This idea for homemade Halloween costume is especially funny if she’s a camper!

Broken Doll Girls Halloween Costumes – Not Homemade

Girls Halloween CostumesThe Broken Doll Child Costume – Multicolored is a different spin on the traditional Barbie doll or Raggedy Ann doll Halloween costume for girls. The Broken Doll might be broken but she is still sweet! This Broken Doll costume includes dress with Velcro attachable bow, leggings, mini hat and quarter mask. The wig and pettiskirt sold separately.

Box of Popcorn

Take a box and cut it to fit your girl. Paint it with red and white stripes. Glue popped popcorn around the top of box. String some popcorn in your hair. Wear white make-up.

Jack in the Box (a baby girl’s Halloween costume)

Use a baby walker, put a large box over the walker, with a flap on top as the lid. Paint the box and put in a pretend crank. Dress your girl as a clown, with a jester’s hat.

Lightning Victim

Take old clothes, cut out some holes, then carefully burn the edges. Tease her hair so it sticks straight up, smudge her face and any exposed skin with black make-up.

1950s Poodle Dress Halloween Costume for Girls

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Officially, this costume is called the Pretty Poodle Princess Costume. But it reminds me of Happy Days, Fonzi, Joani and ChaChi, and the Cunninghams :-)

Your daughter doesn’t have to know Happy Days to love this poodle dress costume. She may not care about sock hops or malt shops, but she will have fun dressing up in this happy, pretty, fun Halloween costume for girls.

Lost Airline Luggage

Take a cheap vinyl garment bag and punch holes out for her arms and legs. Attach some stickers to the bag — preferably real airline stickers with destinations, etc. Add a sticker that says “Unclaimed.” This girls Halloween costume is perfect for families who travel alot.

Snoopy the Flying Ace

Dress her in white clothes. Make a tail out of white felt. Use brown fake leather to create an aviator cap. Add some black felt goggles with blue felt “lenses” (attached to the top of the helmet). Put a long scarf around her neck and use wire to give a “wind-blown” effect. Use make-up to give her a white face with a black nose. Optional: Use a cardboard box to create a dog house that fits over the lower portion of her body, with stuffed dog legs around your waist. Or, if you have another girland need a second idea for a homemade Halloween costume, make her the doghouse!

If you have any ideas for Halloween costumes for girls, please share below…and for more costume ideas, read Best Creative Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women.

I witch you a Happy Halloween!!!!

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