Shopping Made Simple: A 3 Step Guide to a Christmas Gift Your Wife Will Love

You can relax and stop wondering what to get your wife for Christmas! Simply choose one beautiful gift, one romantic idea, and one holiday movie. Put the three together, and voila! You have the perfect Christmas gift for your wife. She’ll love your thoughtfulness and creativity; you’ll love not having to spend hours shopping or deciding what to buy.

Here’s how it works: Choose an item from each of the three Christmas gift categories below. In the first category you’ll find 12 Beautiful Christmas Gifts. The second category contains 13 Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas. The third category is the most enchanting; it holds the 10 Best Holiday Movies for Women. You can pick a gift or idea from each Christmas category, combine based on your wife’s interests or a holiday theme, and present them to her with a wink and a smile. She’ll love her Christmas gifts this year!

When you’re scratching your head and wondering “what should I buy my wife this Christmas?”, remember this: you want to buy her a gift that she really wants, not what you think she should or even might like. I know it’s not always an easy call, but your wife will know how much thought you put into her Christmas gift. Sometimes it really is “the thought that counts.” The best gifts for your wife at Christmas shouldn’t revolve around you or her responsibilities as a wife and mother. The most beautiful gift for your wife at Christmas makes her feel pampered, understood, and cherished. 

Christmas Gift for Your Wife
Handpainted Handbag Christmas Gift for Your Wife

If you don’t want to read through my list of 35 Christmas gifts and ideas – and if you know your wife loves handbags and accessories – consider the Anuschka Women’s Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag – Hand-Painted Original Artwork.

This handbag is at the top of my list of gifts for your wife at Christmas because it’s beautiful, practical, and cheerful. I love this handbag; it’s a gift that will make your wife feel cheerful and creative, beautiful and beloved. 

A 3 Step Guide to Finding Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Wife

Of course, you don’t have to buy your wife three Christmas gifts. Don’t over do it; if your wife is happy with one Christmas gift, celebrate and start wrapping! You also don’t have to choose one gift from each category. You can choose two or three gifts from one category – whatever rings your Christmas bell.

3 Christmas Gift Categories

  1. 12 Beautiful Christmas Gifts for Your Wife
  2. 13 Romantic Gift Ideas for Couples
  3. 10 Best Holiday Movies for Women

Scroll through this list of holiday gifts, ideas and movies slowly. Let your subconscious mind help you pick the most perfect, beautiful gift for your wife this Christmas. Here’s another thing to remember: husbands sometimes fall into the trap of solving the “problem” of what to buy at Christmas by buying more of what their wives already have. Instead of putting themselves in their wives’ shoes and picking up the dropped Christmas gift hints, they buy something like they bought last year.

Don’t do that. Here’s what not to buy your wife at Christmas this year: a replica of the gift you bought her last year! Every year my sister-in-law gets the same gift from her husband: expensive jewelry. Almost always a bracelet. Sometimes a diamond ring. Sure, they’re beautiful Christmas gifts…but not every wife wants the diamond gifts for Christmas. Wives want meaningful gifts from their husbands. Lingerie is a good example of this – it’s definitely not the best idea for what to buy your wife at Christmas. The husband might like the lace, but your wife might like the ace. :-)

12 Beautiful Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

These gift ideas and tips are inspired by my husband’s struggle every Christmas…he never knows what to buy me! Every year, I gather different ideas and gifts for wife at Christmas that I would like to receive…

If you and your wife have an old dog at home (I’m not talking about the in-laws or your parents), read 10 Best “Woofy” Gifts for Elderly Dogs and Dog Lovers.

The Christmas gift that surprised this wife

what to buy your wife at Christmas
A Gift for Your Wife at Christmas

Your wife’s first initial in script is a beautiful gift for your wife. This Yellow Gold Diamond Script Initial Letter B Pendant Necklace I know what I said about buying wives more jewelry at Christmas, but that was before I discovered this pendant!

Here’s why I love this Christmas gift: I’m a self-taught the flautist (flute player, so hold the jokes please). I often watch flute videos on YouTube. One of the teachers has a necklace with her name in script, similar to this Initial Pendant Necklace. It’s a brilliant way for teachers to be memorable. Even if your wife isn’t a teacher or YouTube flute instructor, this is a beautiful gift idea for the woman you love this Christmas.

A beautiful Christmas gift: flowers that don’t wither away

 wife christmas gifts

I’m including one more Anuschka Shoulder Bag,Turkish Tulips on this list of Christmas gifts for your wife because it really is my top choice. As a wife, I’m very practical – but I’m also artistic, creative, and love to be surrounded by beautiful things! Your wife is probably similar; who doesn’t love to be surrounded by beauty?

Your wife may not like the colorful “gypsy” type of designs on the Anuschka bags and wallets. How do you know if she’d like this Christmas gift? Look at her closet. Does she wear bright, vibrant clothes? If she has a colorful fashion range, your wife will love this Christmas gift.

Remember that some women wear neutral or black clothing. They jazz it up with a colorful handbag, belt, or shoes. If that’s your wife, she would love this beautiful Christmas gift.

Stocking stuffer idea: Get Anuschka Leather Protector (or any quality brand) if you buy a leather gift for your wife this Christmas.

An aromatherapy diffuser

Christmas gift ideas for wife
What to Buy Your Wife for Christmas

You may not know what a diffuser is, but your wife does! The LAFCO House & Home Beach House Diffuser – Sea and Dune pictured is a beautiful, practical gift for your wife at Christmas. This is a lovely way to hide odors in bathrooms or other smelly parts of the house – the scent is light, yet strong enough to make a difference.

I have two diffusers in our bathrooms at home, but I bought the cheap versions. This was a mistake because I can’t smell them. Aromatherapy oils can be expensive, but the cheap versions don’t do the job nearly as well. Nor do they smell nearly as good.

In my article describing elegant gifts for cigar and pipe smokers, I describe different types of oils that smell beautiful and are relaxing. Relaxation and peace is one of the best gifts for wife at Christmas – or anytime.

Christmas  jewelry

If your wife likes jewelry (and you don’t buy her jewelry all the time), these AGS Certified 1/2ct TW Diamond Hoop Earrings in 10K White or Yellow Gold are a beautiful Christmas gift. This might even be called a meaningful Christmas gift because it’s from the Amanda Rose Collection, which is a family owned and operated business. It’s run by a father-daughter duo who specialize in high quality jewelry at affordable prices. They offer diamonds of all sizes, in both yellow and white gold, along with a variety of gemstone and fashion jewelry.

If your wife likes pretty, soft colors, she’ll be enchanted by the Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Blue Topaz and Peridot Pendant Necklace. It’s creative, fun, and beautiful — not as big or splashy as the sapphire and diamond pendant, but it’s not a necklace you see often.

A soft, luxurious silk bathrobe

silk bathrobe what to buy your wife at Christmas

The Old Shanghai Women’s Silk Kimono Long Robe is a beautiful gift to buy your wife at Christmas. It’s handpainted, and comes in several different colors. I prefer the white silk kimono myself, but you must to choose the color that suits your wife. That’s part of buying the best gift this Christmas! You might even pair this gifts for wife at Christmas with time for her to spend soaking in the tub.

My husband gave me a manicure and pedicure set for Christmas last year, but I never used it. When you’re thinking what to buy your wife for Christmas, it’s important to know her personality and how she likes to spend her time. I’m not into getting manicures and pedicures, even when I have all the equipment at home and my husband is willing to do them for me.

So, if your wife isn’t into soaking or treating herself luxuriously, don’t get her a gorgeous bathrobe. Upgrade her electronics instead…

An electronic reading device – Kindle Fire

gifts for wife at Christmas
Gifts for Wife at Christmas

The Fire HD Tablet + Standing Case is Amazon’s most powerful device. It includes an all-new Amazon Underground, a one-of-a-kind app store experience where over $10,000 in apps, games and even in-app items are actually free.

Tech may be the best type of gift for husbands who don’t know what to buy their wives for Christmas. If your wife appreciates electronics with an incredibly light design (it weighs just 13.2 ounces) and an exclusive 8.9″ HDX display with over 4 million pixels (339 ppi / 2560 x 1600). She will enjoy more than 33 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, Android apps and games. This Kindle has a rear-facing camera and front-facing 720p HD camera. It’s ultrafast, with a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor for quick app launches and fluid graphics.

If your wife likes to read, give her the Kindle plus pockets of time to read. Create a “reading schedule” for her — for instance, she gets to read every Tuesday and Thursday evenings while you take care of the kids and do the dishes. This is the gift of time, and it’s one of the best things you can “buy” for your wife at Christmas.

Something musical – a docking station

christmas gift for wife

For his birthday, I bought my husband a Dual-Docking iPod/iPhone/iPad Alarm Clock. I bought it at Future Shop — and now I can’t believe how much cheaper it is on Amazon! He loves this portable, digital music box, and I use it all the time.

If your wife has an iPod or iPhone, she’ll love to listen to her favorite music all over the house while charging her battery. This is one of those practical “what to buy for your wife at Christmas” gift ideas.”

If your wife loves exercise, read 10 Fitness Gifts That Encourage Health and Wellness.

Angel wings – a soft, gentle Christmas gift for your wife

gifts for wife christmas

The Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Angel Wings Pendant Necklace is a lovely Christmas gift idea because of the angel theme. It’s an elegant and beautiful pendant necklace to buy your wife at Christmas, and a thoughtful way to say “I love you.”

If your wife loves this holiday season, she loves Christmas trees – and this angel pendant will remind her of the angel at the top of her favorite Christmas tree.

GPS Navigator

Every time I drive somewhere new, my husband asks if I want to borrow his Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps. I always say no, because I don’t want to take the time to transfer the GPS Navigator from his car to mine. But…if I had my own GPS navigator…I’d be set for any trip!

A portable GPS is easier for your wife than using the navigation on a smartphone. It’s easy to install, easy to see, and easy to hear. This is a good gift to give your wife at Christmas if she has to drive a lot – or even if she only drives once in awhile.

If you give your wife a “tool” like a GPS for Christmas, pair it with something soft and romantic like a necklace or ring. If you and your wife have been married for too long, read 17 Awesome – and Affordable! – Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s Parents. That’ll help you bring the romance back into your marriage :-)

Homemade massage gift coupons

My husband gives these to me every Christmas: 10 “massage gift coupons” that I can redeem anytime I want. Some are for hand massages, others for foot massages…and some are for other special fun things that I dare not mention here. This is an inexpensive, thoughtful gift for your wife Christmas – and it might spice up your relationship.

You could also give her a gift certificate for a professional massage, manicure, or pedicure. My husband gave me this for Christmas a couple years ago…but I didn’t like it as much as the homemade massage coupons.

Scented Christmas gifts

ideas gifts for wife Christmas

Omnia Bvlgari Eau De Perfume Spray For Women is the newest, light, modern Oriental scent fragrance for women. Omnia by Bvlgari has fragrance notes of mandarin, saffron, Masala Tea and white chocolate blended together.

If you want to go super expensive, get Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume for women for $435,000. That’s the most expensive perfume for women on Amazon – but expensive doesn’t mean it’s the right gift for a wife at Christmas!

The next most expensive women’s perfume is $10,000 – the Penningtons Bath Lavender Eau De Toilette from England. There are no perfumes that cost between $10,000 and $435,000.

If you think perfume is one of the best gifts for wife Christmas, read my article about floral perfumes. Fragrance can be a difficult gift to give a woman, regardless of how expensive it is (or isn’t!). Again, you have to know your wife’s tastes.

Upgraded software, photography, or computer tools

How about more memory for the tech gadgets she has, or an upgrade to a piece of electronic equipment? These aren’t the most romantic “gifts for wife Christmas” – but maybe she’s not into romance.

gifts for wife Christmas ideas

Here’s what one wife gave her husband for Christmas: “My husband was going on a long cross-state bike ride, and was weighed down with all the chargers for the little devices that are somehow necessary,” says Alex Sharp. “So I researched and found a solar charger (such as a Ultra-slim Power Bank Battery Charger Pack for iPhone,iPad,Samsung Galaxy,Cell Phones, andTablets backup rechargeable charger for iPhones, BlackBerrys, Kindles) that would work for multiple devices. He had less stuff to carry, less imposition of having to find outlets, and less stuff to clutter our lives.”

An Oprah-related Christmas gift

25 Christmas Gift Ideas: Choose Something Perfect for Your Wife
The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Wife

Have you met a woman who doesn’t like Oprah Winfrey? My husband gave me a magazine gift subscription to O, The Oprah Magazine for Christmas, and I loved getting it in the mail every month. It’s an easy gifts for wife Christmas that she’ll probably love.

Another Oprah gift idea for wives is O’s Big Book of Happiness: The Best of O, The Oprah Magazine: Wisdom, Wit, Advice, Interviews, and Inspiration. Oprah’s magazines and books help women discover and express their authentic selves, which isn’t something you can buy for your wife for Christmas…but you can nudge her along!

Housecleaning – perhaps the best gift for your wife

O, happy day! If you’re still wondering what to buy your wife for Christmas, give her six months or a year of housecleaning services. This is one of the best gifts I can think of, because it’s not about buying more stuff and spending more money. It’s about saving time and spending your life doing stuff you love.

If your wife loves to travel, visit my 10 Best Travel Journals for Solo or Group Treks. Women who travel should always be encouraged to write about their adventures.

13 Romantic Gift Ideas for Couples

  1. Victoria’s Secret or La Senza lingerie or fun, intimate boxer shorts are romantic and special. Make it a green Christmas gift by buying organic lingerie — bamboo is soft and gorgeous.
  2. Seasonal tickets to the opera, ballet, symphony, ballgames or community theatre. Buying tickets for future events is a great way to say “I love you” at Christmas; it shows that you want to spend time with your wife and care about her interests.
  3. A gift certificate for dance lessons – with the promise that you’ll go, too – is both healthy and romantic.
  4. A weekend retreat at a nearby bed and breakfast or country inn. Make it an eco-friendly Christmas gift for your wife by planning an eco-adventure or eco-tour.
  5. Anything engraved with meaningful words from your heart: wine glasses, a watch, tie clip, a locket. Immortalizing your favorite sentimental moment or funny joke is a loving thing to do. Jewelry and watches don’t have to be expensive – even the less expensive clearance jewelry and watches are gorgeous.
  6. A guitarist, harpist or pianist to play during a romantic catered private Christmas dinner. Added benefit: this is a relaxing, luxurious way to reduce holiday stress!
  7. A thoughtful gift that your wife has long wanted but hasn’t splurged on: a new laptop, iPhone, digital camera, MP3 player, etc. Go green, and buy a biodiesel or hybrid vehicle (yikes, we’re getting into super expensive Christmas gifts for your wife now!).
  8. A spa day of pampering. I really enjoyed the manicure, pedicure, and facial that my hubby gave me last year for Christmas – but I liked his homemade coupons even better! “Good for one foot and hand massage,” and “Good for one full body massage.”
  9. A luxurious silk, satin or chenille bathrobe with a sensual surprise, such as a book for couples in love, in the pocket. This holiday gift idea is both practical and luxurious — and it’s an easy thoughtful gift ideas for women!
  10. Tickets to a dinner theater, cruise, Cirque de Soleil, etc. Splurge on two tickets for a romantic night out in January or February – when she’s struggling with the post-Christmas blues. A fancy, candle-light evening at a special restaurant will unite your minds and bodies.
  11. A spontaneous visit and delivery of a gourmet food basket, flowers, or a bunch of balloons. Anything that surprises your wife – and shows thought and attention – is a great way to say “I love you” at Christmas. Bringing a gourmet gift basket to a Christmas weekend getaway is a creative idea.
  12. A last minute or future vacation together, such as an all inclusive vacation package, is definitely a romantic idea — even if the trip doesn’t happen for months in advance. Give brochures, books, or trinkets that represent the trip.
  13. Something hobby-related. Is your wife into yoga? Running? Starting new businesses? Reading? Writing? Baking? Money-making? Kids? Give her a practical gift that helps her develop her hobby.

What, I wonder, will you buy your wife this Christmas? If you still don’t know what to buy your wife for Christmas, read What to Buy Your Wife on Her 50th Birthday. You’ll find more good gift ideas there.

10 Best Holiday Movies for Women

  1. Disney’s A Christmas Carol  – This is a magical retelling of Charles Dickens’ beloved tale – Disney’s A Christmas Carol, the high-flying, heartwarming movie for the whole family, starring Jim Carrey. This is one of the best family movies for the holidays. When three ghosts take penny-pinching Scrooge on an eye-opening journey, he discovers the true meaning of Christmas — but he must act on it before it’s too late.

2. The Family Stone – My Twitter and Facebook friends love this Christmas movie! Maybe your wife will love it as a Christmas gift :-) Everett (Dermot Mulroney) brings his fiancé Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) home to meet his family for Christmas. It’s an instant disaster when parents Sybil (Diane Keaton) and Kelly (Craig T. Nelson) agree with their sons and daughters that Meredith is too uptight to be welcomed into their family. Meredith recruits her sister Julie (Claire Danes) to help her thaw the Stone family cold front.

3. A Christmas Story – A Christmas Story is a charming, touching, and very funny adaptation of humorist Jean Shepherd’s Yuletide novel, In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. This classic Christmas DVD looks back at the compulsive efforts of 7-year-old Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) as he tries every means possible to acquire his dream Christmas gift.

4. Elf – A smartly written, skillfully directed, and deftly acted movie about a human being, Buddy, adopted by Christmas elves. Buddy then returns to the human world to find his father. Will Ferrell, as Buddy the adopted elf, is hysterically sincere. James Caan, as his rediscovered father, executes his surly dumbfoundedness with perfect aplomb. If your wife likes Will Ferrell, she’ll enjoy this holiday movie.

5. White Christmas (Anniversary Edition) – This Christmas movie features Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, an all-Irving Berlin song score, classy direction by Hollywood vet Michael Curtiz (Casablanca, The Adventures of Robin Hood), VistaVision (the very first feature ever shot in that widescreen format), and ultrafestive Technicolor! Crosby and Kaye are song-and-dance men who hook up, romantically and professionally, with a “sister” act (Clooney and Vera-Ellen) to put on a Big Show to benefit the struggling ski-resort lodge run by the beloved old retired general (Dean Jagger) of their WWII Army outfit. Your wife may or may not like this holiday movie, depending on her age and interests.

6. It’s a Wonderful Life – What list of the best holiday movies at Christmas would be complete without George Bailey? He has so many problems, he’s thinking about ending it all at Christmas. As the angels discuss George, we see his life in flashback. As George is about to jump from a bridge, he ends up rescuing his guardian angel, Clarence. Clarence then shows George what his town would have looked like if it hadn’t been for all of his good deeds over the years. One of the best – or at least the most traditional – Christmas movies of all time.

7. The Christmas Shoes – This holiday movie bounces between two families – the Layton household, where father Robert (Rob Lowe) is so consumed with his work that he misses his daughter’s recital; and the Andrews home, where mother Maggie has been diagnosed with a fatal heart ailment. Desperate to make his mother’s last moments happy, Maggie’s son Nathan struggles to buy a pair of red dancing shoes that seem like a pair Maggie remembers from her childhood.

8. Muppet Christmas Carol –  Join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and all the hilarious Muppets in this merry, magical version of Charles Dickens’ classic tale. One fateful Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Together with kind, humble Bob Cratchit (Kermit the Frog) and his family, the Spirits open Scrooge’s eyes — and his heart — to the true meaning of Christmas. Your wife will love this gift.

9. Santa Claus – the Movie – The delightful story of a master toymaker who discovers a magical kingdom of elves at the North Pole. There he is entrusted with wondrous, special powers – to become the world’s most beloved patron of Christmas…Santa Claus! There he meets Patch (Dudley Moore), and eager-to-please elf who becomes mixed up with a dastardly toy tycoon’s (John Lithgow) plans to take over Christmas. And so begins Santa’s greatest adventure of all – to rescue his faithful elf and save Christmas for all the children of the world. Since Christmas is about childlike wonder and awe, your wife will surely enjoy a glimpse into her childhood! That makes this holiday movie a beautiful gift.

10. Scrooged This is one of my favorite Christmas movies – I like it better than It’s a Wonderful Life, for different reasons.  Bill Murray stars in this spin off a Charles Dickens classic – he’s the world’s meanest TV executive, who has his cathartic moment one cold Christmas night in New York City. The various ghosts lead him on a ghost-town tour of Manhattan, with stops at holidays past, present, and future.

And that wraps up my three Christmas gift categories. Did a holiday gift, idea, or movie combination develop for you? As a reminder: in the first category were 12 Beautiful Christmas Gifts. The second category contained 13 Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas. The third and most traditional Christmas category held the 10 Best Holiday Movies for Women.

I hope you found a few ideas in my lists, and that you find the perfect gift for your wife. Merry Christmas!


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5 thoughts on “Shopping Made Simple: A 3 Step Guide to a Christmas Gift Your Wife Will Love”

  1. I own every Christmas movie that exists except for the ones that were made in 2012. These are some of the best Christmas movies, but they’re also the most popular ones. What about the less famous ones? They’re just as good, or in some cases better.

  2. Yeah, “Scrooged” and “A Christmas Story” do sound good. I don’t know that holidays actually get me in a holiday mood, though. For some reason, sitting around and playing Call of Duty and attempting to destroy entire virtual armies with grenades is probably going to be the mood I’m in Christmas afternoon, if not in the morning.

  3. Hi Laurie,
    I really your idea about “A last minute or future vacation together, such as an all inclusive vacation package, is definitely a romantic idea”. It is truly a romantic gift for our loved ones. Only you and your partner together all day long, no disturbances like your family members, just the two of you enjoying the day.

    1. Buying Christmas gifts on a low budget is definitely hard – but it’s still possible.

      Ideas for low cost Christmas gifts:

      – homemade gift certificates to babysit, clean, or cook a delicious meal for a family member

      – dance or fitness classes at a local community center or through th Y (they’re often offered at reasonable prices)

      – books can be inexpensive – and many used bookstores have very cool old books for sale.

      – a gift card for even $10 or $20 at K-Mart, Walmart, etc.

      – most of the romantic Christmas holiday gift ideas for him or her can be inexpensive. A luxurious bathrobe, for example, isn’t expensive at La Senza. And, homemade gift coupons for foot and body massages are free! (except for the paper and pen, I guess).

      – a card with “10 Things I Love About You” is a great Christmas gift for someone you love. I’ve also given cards in which other people have written good things about the person, and signed.

      Those are a few ideas for Christmas on a low budget….anyone else have suggestions? Your ideas matter … so please don’t be shy! Share them :-)