4 Foolproof Blogging Tips for Women Over 40 – Day 4

When I started blogging eight years ago, I jumped right in without thinking twice. Here are my most important blogging tips, geared towards women over 40 who are just beginning to blog.

women over 40 blogging tipsIn Everything But the Posts: Tips, Advice, and Templates From a Blogger Who Has Been in Your Shoes, Becca Ludlum gives you tips about setting up your blog, connecting with others in the blogging community, and making a few dollars in the process. Every day new blogs are started. Women sign up on WordPress or Blogger, they begin posting their ideas and stories, and then… well, they get stuck. My blog posts won’t give you all the blogging tips you need to start and run a successful blog, but Becca’s book does. She describes how to design your blog to attract readers, choose the right blog name and avoid rebranding down the road (which I’ve done! it’s not easy), create a community of bloggers through comments, linkups, and social media, write content that goes viral, and more.

Today is the last day of my Four-Day Series on starting a blog and Blossoming! Day 1 was How to Blog About Something You Love,  Day 2 was Overcoming Obstacles When You’re Starting a Blog, and Day 3 was How to Blog: Best Practices and Resources.

4 Foolproof Blogging Tips for Women Over 40

I’m now officially a “midlife blogger” – I’m 45 years old, and I blog for a living. Am I successful? It depends how you define success, which is what this first blogging tip is all about…

1. Define what “blogging success” means to you

“Digest as much info from experienced bloggers as possible at the beginning (and follow Laurie’s advice on Day 2),” says Lori Henry, whose blog is called Lori’s List. “Then, just GO FOR IT and find what works for YOU. Every genre and niche and audience is different and there is no ONE way to be successful. Ask yourself, what kind of success do you want?”

She adds that blogging for beginners is about getting general advice from experienced bloggers, then moving on to spend more time working on your website and writing posts. “There needs to be a balance of initial learning and then just blogging,” Lori says. “Let your own experience dictate how you move forward. Best of luck, bloggers!”

What does blogging success mean to you? You don’t have to define it in terms of being a woman over 40, but your age may factor into your blogging style and content. This may affect your definition of success.

2. Connect your success with specific goals and steps

Here’s one of the most important blogging tips I’ve learned: how do I measure what a “successful blog” is? I won’t know if I’m successful unless I have a way to measure my progress. In the past, I defined success by the fact that I was writing for a living, and by how much money my Quips and Tips blogs were making. My definition of success was being able to write for money, and thus I was a successful blogger!

But now I define success differently. Now, being successful means connecting with a community of women over 40 who want to make positive changes in their lives. I want my Blossom blogs to inspire and encourage women in midlife! So, I need to figure out the specific goals and steps that will help me be successful as a midlife blogger (or a blogger for women over 40).

For example, one of my specific steps is sending out a weekly Blossom newsletter. I know this helps me connect with women over 40 because they email me. This also increases my motivation to keep blogging (and staying motivated is one of the most important blogging tips!).

How can you define your success in terms of specific goals and steps?

3. Take risks with your blog content and design

Back to Lori’s blogging tip: balance your learning and preparation with jumping right into your blog and taking risks. What do you have to lose? Your experience – your successes and failures – will help you grow and move forward.

blogging tips women over 40

4 Foolproof Blogging Tips for Women Over 40

If starting a blog as a woman over 40 seems daunting or even impossible to you, you’re not alone. We didn’t grow up swiping smart phones and creating YouTube channels. We’re learning new things every time we pick up our phone or lift up the lid of our laptop.

Luckily, you have nothing to lose when you’re starting a blog! And that’s one of the most important blogging tips: nothing you can do will mess things up forever. That said, however, make sure you back up your blog posts, just in case something does go awry.

4. When you have questions about blogging, ask Google

I can’t tell you how many answers are at your fingertips! Just today, I asked Google “how to change the size of the H1 font on my post title for the Hueman theme.”

Google has every answer for any women over forty who are starting a new blog. How do I know this? Because in all my years blogging, I have only stumped Google three or four times. If there is an answer, Google has it. You will save hours of confusion and frustration if you simply Google your question as soon as it occurs to you. This is a foolproof blogging tip because it will work every time for new bloggers.

Questions for you

What is the biggest blogging challenge that you face? What are your fears and concerns – and what are you excited about?

If you have any blogging tips for women over 40, please feel free to share with us in the comments section below…

A recap of what was on Blossom this week

Every week I write a Four-Day Series on specific topics for women in midlife. This week, my theme was “starting a blog.”

Here’s what we covered:

Your comments and questions are welcome below, whether you’re just starting a blog or whether you’ve been blogging longer than me. If that’s the case, I hope you share your blogging tips – especially if you’re a woman over 40 :-)

If you never try, you’ll never know.



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2 thoughts on “4 Foolproof Blogging Tips for Women Over 40 – Day 4”

  1. Thank you for the post. I have been toying with blogging for about 10 years now but not doing it, and I’m finally starting to take steps to actually DO it, but I go back and forth from “I’m wise and have lots to share with others” to “I don’t have anything valuable to share, who will want to read anything I write?” I guess if I just do it FOR ME, it won’t matter!!!!

  2. Honestly, one of the challenges of blogging over 40 or in my case being over 40 and pushing 50, is the need to catch up with the “speed of light” changes in technology and the internet, as someone who did not grow up with the internet. For example, my niece is 18. If she started a blog four years from now, it would be easier to adapt to the changes since she mastered the internet at age ten and quickly mastered adjusting to the changes.