Food Costumes You Can Make at Home

food halloween costumes

Cupcake Halloween Costume

Lots of people want to be food for Halloween, and this list of food costumes you can make at home will help you stand out from the buffet.

These food costumes range from beef tacos to food on the floor of a movie theater. A food costume doesn’t have to be hard to make – it can be creative, quick, and easy!

Some of the following food costumes actually use real food…so be prepared to be munched on when you go to the party or costume ball…

Before the tips, a quip:

“You know how I feel about tacos. It’s the only food shaped like a smile. A beef smile.” ~ Earl Hickey. Now that’s a creative homemade food costume (a beef taco), which I don’t have on this list.

The Rasta Imposta Cupcake Costume pictured isn’t homemade – it’s for sale on Amazon. But, it’s not difficult to make if you have cardboard, pink taffeta, and a pink top.

Food Costumes You Can Make at Home

These food costumes aren’t nearly as complicated as the taco or pizza costume that Amazon sells — but they are more creative!

A Blind Date: When you think of “date” you think love and sex, right? Not food. But here we’re talking about the dates you eat. This is an easy food costume, even if you’re not creative! Wear a black trash bag and some loose “stuffing” (pillows tied to your body). You’ll look like a giant date or a big raisin. If you want to go blind, just put on some sunglasses and  borrow a white cane from your neighbour.

Cereal Killer: This is one of my favourite food costumes: pin empty cereal boxes all over your body (first, put a track suit or body suit on!). You can use harmless plastic knives to “kill” the cereal boxes (this is a spin off the serial killer idea, which may not be funny to some people.

If these food costumes aren’t to your taste, read Book Character Costumes – it’s one of my most popular Halloween articles.

Purple Grapes: Do you have a purple track or jogging suit? I hope not; it sounds hideous. Take a white or black jogging suit, blow up a couple cozen purple balloons, and pin them all over your body. You can even add a “stem” – a hat or toque with a branch sticking out of it.

Carrot Stick: Do you have an orange sweat or jogging suit? I hope not. But if you go to Value Village or a second hand store, you might find a bright orange pantsuit! Then all you need to do is paint your face green and put green paint in your hair (preferably the pain that washes out). The only problem with this homemade food costume is finding the orange sweatsuit.

Food Monster (Cookie Monster?): What’s your favourite monster – and your favourite food? Combine the two of them! Dress up like Frankenstein, for instance, and pin your favourite snack all over your body. If you decide you want to be a cookie monster, this creative homemade costume may be gone by the end of your party (people will eat your cookies)!

If you’re tired of thinking about food costumes, read Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Women. It’s my second most popular article about homemade costumes (right after my literary costumes article).

Movie Theater Floor: This is a really creative food costume: Wear black jeans and a black shirt, and glue or pin chocolate bar wrappers, ju jube boxes, chewed gum, popcorn boxes, and other crap you’d find on the floor of a movie theater. It wouldn’t be difficult to get a real soda pop container or popcorn box from a movie theater or even a nearby convenience store.

creative food costumes

This photo of a spaghetti costume is courtesy of avanai, via flickr.

Spaghetti isn’t just yummy, it’s a fantastic food costume that is easy to make.

See the rope, socks, and styrofoam balls in this picture? You probably have most of those “food” items at home, and all it takes is a little creativity to make costumes out of them. He doesn’t really look like a “bowl” of spaghetti, I admit…but he could pass for a man covered spaghetti.

Maybe he could be a bad first dinner date or a cheating boyfriend whose girlfriend dumped her plate over his head :-)

For more costume ideas – but not food costumes – read Easy to Make Halloween Costumes for Non-Crafty People. Or, you could go buy a hot dog costume from

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