Saving Money

How to Deal With Your Money Problems

These practical and emotional tips for dealing with money problems will help you cope with the stress of financial debt. Some of my suggestions are practical tips on how to deal with money problems; others are emotional ways to flow through this stage of your life. In The 21-Day Financial […]

How to Deal With Money Problems

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How the Law of Attraction Can Help You Get Money

Is money and the law of attraction is a load of baloney? Maybe, but you won’t know if these ways to attract wealth into your life will work unless you try them! Or read them, at least. Seriously – I think you should try these tips for a month, and […]

Most Popular Money Articles, Financial Tips and Goals

Here’s a quick list of my most popular money articles, financial tips and goals. Money is fascinating – especially if you know how to control it and not let it control you. One of my best money tips is to read, read, READ financial books until you’re ready to write […]

Most Popular Money Articles Financial Tips

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8 Money Laws to Boost Your Bank Account’s Bottom Line

The only bottom I want boosted is my bank account! These money laws range from financial beliefs to basic facts about money; they’ll help you boost your bank account’s bottom line. First, here’s an interesting quote from a book with the coolest title, How to Make One Hell of a Profit […]

How to Get Good College Grades When You’re Stressed About Money

These tips for college students stressed about money are inspired by a reader. He asked how to get good grades when he’s worried about his college loan debt… “How do you get better grades when you’re stressing about money?” asks M. on How to Get Better Grades for College Students. […]

5 Ways to Save Money Every Month While Paying Off a Big Mortgage

We’re doing both: saving money every month and paying off a big mortgage! These aren’t the little “stop buying lattes” money saving tips – they’re the big-concept ideas. Some financial experts recommend paying off the mortgage before spending money on vacations, cars, or boats (my dream). But we don’t want our […]

5 Ways to Encourage Someone to Save Money

How do you encourage someone – a child, partner, pet – to save money? Here are five awesome ways to help loved ones save money, inspired by a reader’s question… “My boyfriend and I are both seventeen, he’s going away to university in August,” says Tiff on How to Stop Money From […]

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