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36 Supereasy and Fun Ways for Teens to Make Money

If you’re wondering how to make money as a teen, these creative tips will inspire you! My teen niece works after school as an ice skating coach and earns $20 per hour. Not all jobs for teenagers make that much money, of course — but if you’re creative and practical, you can find those hidden gems. These ideas for teens range […]

How Debt Increases Self-Esteem – The Upside of Financial Debt

How to Get Money for College

Here are five tips on how to get money for college, plus links to jobs and job search tips for college students. I learned how to get money for college the hard way – I have two undergraduate degrees and one graduate degree! Paying for college is a financial challenge, but you can do it. One of the best ways […]

8 Money Laws to Boost Your Bank Account’s Bottom Line

The only bottom I want boosted is my bank account! These money laws range from financial beliefs to basic facts about money; they’ll help you boost your bank account’s bottom line. First, here’s an interesting quote from a book with the coolest title, How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get In To Heaven: “Heaven and hell are […]

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What is Residual Income? How to Make Money Without Working

Learn what residual income is – it’s how I keep my Quips and Tips blogs going! Here’s how to make money without working. These tips for creating residual income streams aren’t just about blogging. They include a financial expert’s advice on making money with other sources of passive income, such as vending machines or rental real estate property. Before the tips, a […]

5 Smart Ways to Save Money

What makes these ways to save money different? They range from tapping the brains of frugal people to implementing one money saving tip a month. A small income or budget doesn’t have to slow or stop your financial growth. “I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.” ~ Jackie Mason. One of the […]

6 Ways to Increase Your Financial IQ and Attract More Money

The more you know about personal finance – your financial IQ – the greater your chances of attracting more money into your life! Here are six practical ways to learn more about money so you can create wealth and security. “Women will always be dependant until she holds a purse of her own.” ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Whether you’re a […]

How to Save, Invest, and Earn More Money

These articles include everything from tips on saving money to how to earn more money, and feature a financial expert’s best ways to invest money. Before the tips, a quip: “The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you.” – Katherine Whitehorn. I make this money mistake all the time, […]

How to Create Extra Income – Making Money With Passive Earnings

Learn how to create extra income, with these tips for making money with passive income. Here, a financial expert and author describes seven steps to creating extra income without doing a lot of extra work. Brandon Wilkins is the author of Getting Rich is Simple…But It Ain’t Easy. “My favorite form of passive income would have to be rental real estate,” says Wilkins. “Depending […]