Holiday Spending

10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

These ideas for good Secret Santa gifts for coworkers will help you figure out what to give for Christmas. Whether you love or hate shopping, these tips will make it easy to be Santa to your coworker! I also included a few holiday messages for the Christmas card. A Sterling […]

Good Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Best Ways to Save Money on Summer Holidays – 7 Travel Tips

Your goal of paying off your debt doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vacation! These travel tips include the best ways to save money on summer holidays, whether you’re going to Disneyland, Europe, or the closest lake.   Before the tips, a quip: “When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make […]

6 Creative Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts

Stop wasting your money on store bought Christmas gift wrapping paper! These are more fun and creative ways to wrap your presents, and they’re FREE. Before the tips, a quip: “Nothing’s as mean as giving a little child something useful for Christmas,” said Kin Hubbard. If you give a kid […]

not store bought gift wrapping paper

How to Save Christmas Money Before the Holiday Season

Even if you only have a month to save Christmas money, it’s not too late to budget for the holiday season! These tips for saving money range from redeeming credit card awards to buying holiday gifts in bulk. “These savings, which amount to at least $750, are almost enough to […]

10 Ways to Save Money at Christmas – Holiday Gift Shopping Tips

These ways to save money at Christmas will reduce holiday stress. Use these holiday gift shopping tips to make your loved ones happy without spending a lot of money. Don’t let expensive Christmas presents set you back thousands of dollars — that’s bad for your budget goals and your health. Before the money saving tips, a […]