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How to Write an Appeal Letter to a Bank

Here’s the appeal letter I wrote to my bank to appeal their decision not to reimburse my checking and Visa accounts after thieves stole my credit and debit cards. You can use this as a sample appeal letter, especially if you need tips on writing an appeal letter to a bank about a student loan, […]

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How to Write an Appeal Letter to Your Bank

Here’s a sample appeal letter to a bank, for you to use if you are unhappy with your bank’s decision. Writing an appeal letter to a bank may take time and effort, but it could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Q: My bank card was stolen, and the bank won’t reimburse the […]

How to Fix a Credit Card Error on Your Visa or MasterCard

Knowing how to quickly repair a credit card error will protect you from credit fraud or even identity theft. These tips for fixing Visa or MasterCard mistakes are from a financial guru who’s “been there, done that.” I left my Visa at the SPCA three weeks ago, when I used it to buy my dog. […]

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6 Ways to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Making a long-term plan for paying off your credit card debt is the first step to being debt free. The second step to getting out of debt is simple: ”There are plenty of ways to get ahead. The first is so basic I’m almost embarrassed to say it: spend less than you earn.” ~ Paul Clitheroe. […]

The Credit Repair Kit for Dummies

You’re not alone if you need to improve your credit report or credit score! The Credit Repair Kit for Dummies is a book that is desperately needed by many people in debt. The good news is that using credit cards can improve your credit rating and help you get out of debt. These tips for managing credit […]

How to Repair a Bad Credit Rating After Paying Credit Card Debt

If you’re debt free thanks to good financial planning (such as debt consolidation), you may now wonder how to repair your credit report. These tips for repairing a bad credit rating are based on a question from a reader who worked with a credit counseling service to pay off her debt… “Four years ago I turned […]

Credit Card Fees – Best Ways to Save Money on Credit Cards

Paying credit card fees is a waste of money! Learn the best ways to save money on credit cards such as Visa and American Express. Here are seven types of credit card fees and how to avoid them. “Studies show that people spend more when paying with a credit card than with cash, so they […]

Overcoming Financial Ruin – 4 Ways to Succeed After Bankruptcy

Overcoming Financial Ruin – How to Succeed After Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy will give you a fresh start and allow you to start pursuing your financial goals in a new way. These four ways to overcome financial ruin are from prosperity adviser and author Paula Langguth Ryan; her tips will set you on the road to recovery and help you achieve your financial goals. One of […]