Credit Cards

How to Write an Appeal Letter to a Bank

Here’s the appeal letter I wrote to my bank to appeal their decision not to reimburse my checking and Visa accounts after thieves stole my credit and debit cards. You can use this as a sample appeal letter, especially if you need tips on writing an appeal letter to a bank about a student loan, mortgage application, or business loan. […]

When Your Wife Maxes the Credit Cards and Depletes Your Bank Account

What happens to a marriage when your wife almost bankrupts you? A husband describes how he survived financial infidelity in his marriage and offers tips for couples in similar situations. “The worst thing I ever survived was the financial infidelity of my wife, which to this day remains a life-changing experience,” says Ray. “When it comes to finances in marriage, […]

My ATM Card Was Stolen – Will the Bank Reimburse My Money?

Here’s what happened to me when my ATM bank card from TD Canada Trust was stolen. My bank almost didn’t reimburse my money – until I wrote an appeal letter, asking them to reconsider their decision. If the thieves who stole my purse use my ATM (debit) card to access my TD Canada Trust checking or savings account, will the […]

7 Smart Ways to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Forever

Tired of living under the burden of your monthly Visa or MasterCard bills? Put just ONE of these smart ways to get rid of credit card debt forever into action, and you’ll be halfway there. One of the most popular books about paying off debt on Amazon is Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times: 250+ Ways to Buy Smarter, Spend […]

How to Fix a Credit Card Error on Your Visa or MasterCard

Knowing how to quickly repair a credit card error will protect you from credit fraud or even identity theft. These tips for fixing Visa or MasterCard mistakes are from a financial guru who’s “been there, done that.” I left my Visa at the SPCA three weeks ago, when I used it to buy my dog. They said they’d put it […]

8 Ways to Pay Off Debt When You Have a Low Income

A commonly asked question for people who don’t make a lot of money is, “How do I pay off my debt when I have a low income?” The bad news is there is no easy way to pay off your financial debt when your earnings aren’t high. The good new is that it is possible! I paid off my $25,000 […]

6 Ways to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Making a long-term plan for paying off your credit card debt is the first step to being debt free. The second step to getting out of debt is simple: ”There are plenty of ways to get ahead. The first is so basic I’m almost embarrassed to say it: spend less than you earn.” ~ Paul Clitheroe. There’s no big secret to […]

How to Use Your Credit Cards Rewards Program for Realistic Rewards

Your credit card’s rewards program can be very beneficial – if you’re realistic about spending money! Here are several tips for using credit cards to your advantage, without going into credit card debt. “If you think rewards credit cards are an easy way to earn free stuff, do not open one,” says Ann Smarty, who wrote this guest post. “Like […]

How to Repair a Bad Credit Rating After Paying Credit Card Debt

If you’re debt free thanks to good financial planning (such as debt consolidation), you may now wonder how to repair your credit report. These tips for repairing a bad credit rating are based on a question from a reader who worked with a credit counseling service to pay off her debt… “Four years ago I turned all of our credit card […]