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8 Fitness Myths and Fat Loss Tips From a Personal Trainer

These fat loss tips are from personal trainer Fawn Gill, owner of InBalance Fitness on Bowen Island, BC. Here, she dispells the most common fitness myths and offers exercise tips.

Fawn is an instructor who teaches Pilates, co-owns a gym, and placed third in the Masters Category (she’s also a female bodybuilder!). She’s no Dolly Parton, who says, “I’d love to take up jogging because I need the exercise. But I’d give myself a couple of black eyes!”

Fawn is more like Farrah Fawcett, who says, “I’m a fanatic about staying in condition…I rattle around on the bedroom floor for 20 minutes in the morning when I get up at 5 a.m. doing hip rolls, side bend, 60 sit ups, touch my toes, kick, jump rope, and side straddle hop.”

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8 Fitness Myths and Fat Loss Tips From a Personal Trainer

Fitness Myth #1: Women have to force themselves to exercise.

  • “Exercise is the EASIEST part of my day. When I’m exercising, it’s like my little island. I’ve got no hats to wear. It’s just me, my body and the exercise. It makes me feel strong and powerful so that I can actually handle the rest of my day, which is tough.” Wow, if more women felt that way about exercise, they’d find achieving fitness goals easy!

Fitness Myth #2: The biggest challenge for women is losing weight and keeping it off.

  • “Fitting it all in is the biggest struggle for women! It’s a challenge to find the time to exercise, eat well, plan meals, raise children, work full-time, clean the house, have a career, commute, and on and on,” Fawn says. “Plus, women are WAY too hard on themselves. We always put ourselves on the bottom of the priority list. Everything else comes first. At the end of the day, women are exhausted and don’t spend time on themselves.” Here’s an exercise tip: put yourself first – at least once a day, for 45 minutes.

Fitness Myth #3: Commitment to an exercise routine is a small part of the motivation to work out.

  • “It’s all about commitment. You have to be 100% committed to exercising and healthy eating. Then, you’ll find a way to fit it in. Get rid of cable TV, and exercise instead of watching a show,” says Fawn. Boosting your metabolism will occur naturally if you focus on health and fitness.

Fitness Myth #4: Partners and family members often sabotage women who want to lose weight.

  • “Not always. Women have this “I don’t really deserve it” thing going on. We sabotage our own efforts. Women have to believe that they DESERVE to be fit and healthy,” says Fawn. “And they have to put themselves on the top of the priority list. I always say, ‘a happy mom equals a happy home.’ ” Here’s a fitness tip: prioritize your health and fitness.

Fitness Myth #5: Women can be spontaneous about their workouts.

  • “Scheduling fitness into the daytimer is the only way to fit it in.  You have to plan ahead and sometimes be creative. Even if it’s only a 20 minute workout at home, great!  Just move.” Here’s an exercise and fitness tip: schedule your workout into your day.

Fitness Myth #6: Metabolism is something we’re born with. We can’t change it.

  • “We CAN change our metabolism. Through diet, exercise, and stress management, it’s possible to increase our metabolism.” Here’s an exercise tip: try new workouts to boost your metabolism.

Fitness Myth #7: Lifting weights will make women bulky.

  • “Weight-lifting is so beneficial to women in so many ways. It’s a real shame that some women still believe it’ll make them bulky,” Fawn says. “Hard-core women bodybuilders are bulky, but they also take drugs and work out all day long (drugs being the key word here). Women do not have enough testosterone in their body to make them ‘big and bulky.’ ” Here’s another fitness tip: weight training won’t bulk you up, but will increase your health and wellness.

Fitness Myth #8: Weight training doesn’t help with weight loss.

  • “Weight-lifting will not only help women lose weight, it helps increase our metabolism, which makes losing fat easier. Weight-lifting also provides a nice shape to our bodies. I have yet to meet a women who likes it when the back of her arms (triceps) flap in the wind,” Fawn says. “And the only way to get rid of that flap is by lifting weights. Weight training also decreases our risk of osteoporosis, improves our posture, and helps us to feel more confident and secure in ourselves.”

For more fat loss tips, read What is More Important When You Want to Lose Weight – Exercise or Diet?

What do you think of these fat loss tips from a personal fitness trainer? I welcome your comments below…

Fawn Gill is a personal fitness trainer and Pilates instructor on Bowen Island, British Columbia. She owns two businesses: The Gym on Bowen Island and InBalance Personal Training & Pilates. She’s also a Figure Competitor who placed 3rd in the Masters Category, ages 35-39.


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2 thoughts on “8 Fitness Myths and Fat Loss Tips From a Personal Trainer”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I love that idea — husbands pitching in so wives can work out! (though really the housework and childcare duties should be shared equally, and if that was the case, nobody would be “helping out” with anything – everyone would just be doing their thing).

    But, I do love hearing men support women this way 🙂

  2. Your very correct in the fact that many women have many schedules to balance so finding time to workout is usually at the bottom. This is where husbands have to pitch in and help the ladies with some of the daily activities to let them go to the gym. Also many feel that lifting weights will make them bulky and thats far from the truth as you say it would take enormous amounts of weight training for them to start being even bulky let alone muscular.